February 20, 2015
Why automixers are necessary in multi microphone environments

Why automixers are necessary in multi microphone environments?

In this Audio 101 series of videos, Biamp provides an extremely insightful and comprehensive explanation of the issues that are faced when we have complex AV environments that feature several microphones. Noise and feedback and common problems in these scenarios and automixers are the key to solving them. The presenter also explains in detail how...
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how multi-touch interactivity works on a video wall

See how multi-touch interactivity works on a video wall

Interactivity is becoming the next frontier for displays of all kinds and sizes, so why not on video walls? In this video, Planar provides an exciting glimpse at how multi-touch technology (don’t we love it on our smarphones) becomes bigger, better and truly amazing on a larger video wall scale. With the ability to map...
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Tips: The Best Way to do Wireless AV

We’re clearly living in the golden age of wireless technologies – a time when we are expecting almost any device and function to be wire-free. One obvious advantage of wireless functionality is that it simplifies the process of connectivity and extends the connectivity range for greater flexibility. Another, perhaps even more important benefit to most...
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video conferencing glossary

A video conferencing glossary

The terminology that is commonly used around a topic like video conferencing can often be confusing – because it borrows extensively from other networking and technology platforms and yet is unique in several ways. To decode this vocabulary better, you can refer to Lifesize’s VC glossary, which lists most of commonly used terminology around video...
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Is web conferencing good enough for my business?

With the improvements to web conferencing software and platforms (like WebEx and others) over the last few years, IT managers are wondering whether quality and reliability have reached a point where they are good enough for enterprise use. In this video, Lifesize’s video evangelist explains the difference between the two technologies and says that quality...
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