Have you often wished you had a room in your business premises that accommodated your team and allowed you to have collaborative meetings with them, whenever you wanted to? Have you often wished that your business had designed a room that would accommodate 4 to 6 people with ease and with all of the latest technology? Well, it’s simple…All you have to do is design and set up a Huddle Room…

Most businesses today have multiple Huddle rooms, where small teams can congregate, put on their thinking caps, and come up with innovative, out-of-the-box solutions. Often, these huddle rooms are the most productive spaces in your business.

Today, collaboration is the name of the game, and increasingly, businesses are looking to optimise and enhance collaboration. This is where huddle rooms enter the picture. Huddle rooms accommodate at least 4 to 6 people. These rooms are mainly used for project discussions, team participation for presentations, and weekly  meetings.

While you can effectively collaborate with your colleagues using a huddle room, there are certain things to keep in mind when designing and using a huddle room. Read on…


Tips you should keep in mind when designing a huddle room 

1. Transfer content wirelessly. This is done by setting up a display that can receive wireless content from any user laptop or mobile device using wireless presentation AV devices currently available in the industry.

2. Fix a presentation location. This is done by providing a single location for the key presenter, with the laptop docking station or a desktop monitor along with necessary connectivity including LAN and power.

3. Add annotation capabilities. These capabilities should be added based on your requirement. This can be done with the help of an interactive display, or by adding a screen overlay and loading the software onto the presentation computer.

4. Set up audio conferencing in the huddle room. The conference phone can be used for audio conferencing for connecting to other teams.

5. Use touch control in huddle rooms. This can be used for easy control of display, lighting, and shades.

So, now you know how to design and set up a huddle room. Do ensure that your business has at least a couple of well-designed huddle rooms, keeping these tips in mind. Here’s to an optimal collaboration experience!

For more information on how to design and set up a huddle room for your business, contact Actis at 022-30808080, or at contact@actis.co.in

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