About us

Actis specialises in designing and building infrastructure for better management of collaboration, client engagement, training, entertainment and energy utilisation. We help our clients by applying technology, to improve the quality of collaboration at work and enhance quality of life at home.

Actis has been pioneering the use of innovative audio-visual, presentation and meeting technologies since 1971. Our solutions are custom-built for a wide range of Corporate, Government, Education, Hospitality and Residential applications.

Our Team

We employ around 250 people across the country and our team consists of some of the most experienced audio-visual and integration specialists in the industry. Several Actis specialists hold international certifications and awards from industry leaders like Cisco, Polycom, Infocomm International, Crestron, Extron and Biamp, to name a few. 




Productivity in meetings often depends upon the ability to share various types of information with ease.
Actis creates environments that enhance interactions with excellent audio/video clarity, intuitive presenter control and simplified sharing of information in any format.


As the global business environment becomes more complex, organisations need to be instantly equipped with actionable information, which they can do by leveraging the latest in AV solutions. Networked AV technology enables Real UC and makes your team instantly present at anytime, and on almost any device.


Entertainment plays an important role in our lives today, especially in an increasingly busy and complex world. Our digital entertainment systems create an immensely powerful and immersive AV solutions environment with high-definition displays, amazingly realistic audio and the convenience of touch screen control.


Video collaboration has become the closest replacement for meeting people in person – without having to be in the same room. Our audio visual consultants combine some of the most powerful technologies available to create video interactions that approach the realism of in-person meetings.


Technology is fast becoming invaluable, because of its power to accomplish tasks, make us comfortable and entertain us. Audio visual consultants at Actis help harness the power of automation and control over an increasingly complex ecosystem of devices, for greater convenience and efficiency.


As the cost of energy escalates, its impact on the profitability and sustainability of any organisation or individual is magnified. We create LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) compliant solutions to monitor, optimise and reduce the energy utilisation in buildings.

Lucido is a brand of Actis Technologies that includes AV products of the highest quality with optimum price performance. Lucido currently offers a range of high-quality cables and connectors. Lucido products can be purchased from our dealers across India and is also available for online purchase.

Ooberpad is Actis’ ecommerce solution and offers a carefully curated selection of high-quality, audio visual products and gadgets. These exceptional AV products enhance workspaces and living spaces and help make your life easier and more entertaining!