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Achieving audiophile quality multi-room audio distribution

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Implementing multi-room/multi-zone audio can often require compromises in sound quality or create constraints in complex living or working environments.

To simplify this, Crestron Electronics offers their Sonnex multi-zone digital audio distribution solution (which works over CAT 5e or fibre optic cables).

Key features of the Sonnex system include:

Allows upto 74 stereo zones of robust, audiophile sound quality

Dramatically simplifies and reduces cabling needs

Delivers 48 channels of uncompressed audio

Fully scalable using expansion units that can be placed centrally or remotely

Integrates with Apple AirPlay® and AirPort Express®

Controls for equalization and creating speaker profiles

This system can be utilised for sound distribution in homes of all sizes, as well as restaurants, sports bars, night clubs, hotels, and banquet halls.

For more details, visit this page.

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