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The best place for your VC microphones may be the ceiling

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Many video conferencing setups place a lot of emphasis on the video performance, but end up not paying enough attention on the audio clarity necessary for really productive collaboration.

One challenge for room designers lies in the fact that the layout and elements in some large rooms can sometime create problems with audibility. Also, in smaller rooms there are constraints on where microphones can be placed without using up precious desk space. In many cases, the best and most practical solution may be for VC microphones to be placed in the ceiling.

In such situations, we often adopt the ClearOne Ceiling Microphone Array which considerably enhances any conferencing application that needs high-quality audio. This is a single unit array with 3 wide-range microphones which reproduce the rich sound of three individual unidirectional microphones and provide full 360-degree coverage. It’s pretty easy to install and delivers high-clarity conferencing sound while freeing up table space.

Some key features of this ClearOne ceiling microphone are:

Built-in, low-cut filter, rejects unwanted noise and increases clarity

Adaptive ambient gating controls constantly adjust to changing environmental noise and counteract unwanted audio

First Microphone Priority eliminates any hollow-sounding audio by balancing the elements, focusing audio pickup on the person speaking and maximizing audio clarity

Multiple* ceiling microphone arrays can be connected for covering a large room space

Standard CAT5 Ethernet cable runs back to the mixer

* The number of ceiling microphone arrays depends on the maximum number of microphone inputs supported by your mixer

For more information on this product, visit this page.

(Image Credit: ClearOne)

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