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Outstanding New Products from Biamp, Crestron, Lutron and Planar
The AV industry is brimming with a horde of new products that are eager to take the sector by storm. Both the pace and the scale of products being introduced have drastically changed. Over the last few months, leading players from the industry have announced and introduced a slew of interesting new products or upgrades to existing ones. Here, we take a look at these innovative products and highlight the benefits they can deliver in enterprise communication. Our list contains...
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communication challenges
The communication needs of enterprises are evolving at a rapid pace. There is a rising need for solutions that offer new functionality along with cost-effectiveness. Businesses need newer, faster and secure modes of communication to stay agile in this hyper-competitive era. This means the communication tools need to adapt to the growing business needs. Here, we compile a list of groundbreaking and accessible solutions that are pushing the AV industry forward and helping enterprises overcome communication challenges with products and...
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All about Interactive Whiteboards
There has been a drastic increase in the usage of interactive whiteboards in schools, universities, training rooms and institutions around the globe. It has been proved to be useful for both teaching and learning in interesting ways. It stimulates the enthusiasm of educators and students for lessons, makes interaction in classes efficient, increases the trainer’s overall productivity and improves knowledge retention. Interactive whiteboards are highly versatile tools which can be used to teach anyone of any age. Teachers who use...
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microphone installation tips
In meeting room or boardroom applications, microphone placement plays a key role in great sounding audio calls. Even in video calls, audio quality holds an integral position and can make or break a good meeting experience. Another challenge in meeting scenarios is the number of people, their seating positions, proximity to the nearest microphone and their speech levels. To add to this, managing sound for music is very different from managing sound for speech. Music is about fidelity while speech...
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The Actis Integration and AV Blog is a forum for sharing tips, insights, news, solutions and experiences with people and businesses who are undertaking different types of integration projects in India. It covers topics like Professional AV, lighting, energy management, video collaboration, unified communications, presentations, network AV and environment control.

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