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microphone installation tips
In meeting room or boardroom applications, microphone placement plays a key role in great sounding audio calls. Even in video calls, audio quality holds an integral position and can make or break a good meeting experience. Another challenge in meeting scenarios is the number of people, their seating positions, proximity to the nearest microphone and their speech levels. To add to this, managing sound for music is very different from managing sound for speech. Music is about fidelity while speech...
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Audio Visual (AV) Trends 2018
For audiovisual professionals, there is so much to look out for in 2018. Halfway through the year, the numerous exhibitions and trade shows have already given us a glimpse of the of the products you can expect to see in the future. The industry leaders have announced outstanding inventions that promise to light up the audiovisual industry. Audiovisual technology is evolving at an incredible pace. AV professionals and integrators need to keep themselves updated with the latest and upcoming trends...
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Cisco Spark is now Webex Teams
Until recently, Spark was Cisco’s prime video conferencing and collaboration solution for work teams looking for a flexible platform for messaging, audio conferencing, content sharing, and video calling. However, recently, the enterprise communication giant merged two of its most popular collaboration tools. In an attempt to streamline its service offerings, Cisco will be merging Spark and WebEx allowing both user bases to access and enjoy the benefits of each of the platform. Before this convergence, both Cisco Spark and Webex...
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Alla about integration of Unified Communication
Unified Communications (UC) has been a hot topic in the enterprise communication sector for the last few years now. It promises to streamline and unify communications in this and fast-paced business environment. Unified Communications gives businesses the option and agility to easily select an apt mode of communication, at any given time or place. It aims to add an omnipresent nature to the modes of communication. Every Unified Communication solution provider deploys a different approach in developing and implementing these...
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The much-awaited monsoons have already hit most parts of South, East and Southeast Asia. While it brings much relief to the inhabitants of this region, it also brings in additional moist air to an already tropical environment. This extreme moisture can be taxing for your electronics devices including your collaboration and communication infrastructure. In this season, electronics are susceptible to damage by condensation. You might have chalked out your plan to combat the intermittent nature of this season with rain...
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