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audio conferencing tips
There have been significant advancements in audio technology over the last century. From focused audio equipment to 3D surround systems, audio technology has changed the way we communicate and consume content. Coming to audio conferencing in India, the most important factor is the quality of audio transmitted. Over the years there have been many audio conferencing solutions that have been developed by various tech companies to curb the amount of disturbance in the background. Disturbances could include, soft background sounds...
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Useful integration tips for enterprise AV
Actis Technologies is one of India’s leading AV integration and office automation company. In fact, we are the only AV integrator in #India to become an Avixa Gold level member. Over the years, we have a worked with various national and multinational companies on projects of different size and complexities. Each project is unique and so are the challenges that it brings along. Our team of experienced AV professionals and engineers have taken these challenges head-on to overcome them using...
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Audio Visual Trends 2019
The year 2018 was interesting and eventful in the AV and collaboration sector. We witnessed a number of mergers and acquisitions, new technologies, product rebranding, and an avalanche of new products from both big and small entering the market. After such an eventful year, it makes one wonder what does the new year have in store. While it is too early to make any near-accurate guesses as the major trade shows and expos are months away, we’ve decided to take...
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Biamp - Audio solutions for conference-based meeting rooms
Can conferences be complete without audio? Certainly not. Enterprises often underestimate the power of audio solutions in meeting rooms in an effort to save costs. Companies are investing in their meeting room AV solutions as meeting scenarios themselves are evolving. This presents huge opportunities to create new AV solutions for meeting rooms. While many companies focus mostly on video solutions, audio is often allotted a small slice of both the focus and the capital spent. Businesses often make the mistake...
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CLP India - Actis
CLP India is part of the China Light and Power Group — a public utility energy company from Hong Kong. The company’s core business involves generation, transmission, and retailing conventional and renewable electricity in the Asian and Australian markets. CLP India is one of the largest foreign investors in the Indian power sector and regularly collaborates with the Hong Kong headquarters, regional branches, and other global stakeholders. CLP India was looking for an avenue to create its smart office concept...
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