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Leveraging Wireless Microphone Systems
Interactive training technology is transforming the learning process both in classrooms and corporate training rooms and for both instructors and learners. This is leading to a quiet but powerful transformation of learning processes both in educational institutions and within organisations trying to upgrade the skills and knowledge base of their teams. Wireless microphones can be an uber-useful tool in many learning and training environments. They’re used in lectures, external events, live performances, and presentations. As the demand for wireless microphones...
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LED Signage Integration by Samsung
Having a successful digital signage network relies heavily on taking the right decisions at key moments and avoiding obstacles and hindrances. Gaining early access to some sound advice from industry professionals will help you plan a streamlined and smoother course. So, how do businesses achieve this? Samsung is a global leader in display technologies and digital signage solutions. Over the years, they have accrued significant insights in integrating display, signage, and visual communication solutions for some of the biggest enterprises...
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Digital Signage Solution Tips for Businesses
Digital signage also known as dynamic signage is a form of advertising where multimedia content is pushed to an audience in specific locations. These screens are ideally positioned in outdoor or indoor areas, where the ‘opportunity to see’ is high. Conventionally, digital signage solutions in India were used for informational purposes. However, now it has evolved and is used in more creative ways. Here, Actis Technologies’ experts share few digital signage integration tips for businesses to get an idea of...
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audio conferencing tips
There have been significant advancements in audio technology over the last century. From focused audio equipment to 3D surround systems, audio technology has changed the way we communicate and consume content. Coming to audio conferencing in India, the most important factor is the quality of audio transmitted. Over the years there have been many audio conferencing solutions that have been developed by various tech companies to curb the amount of disturbance in the background. Disturbances could include, soft background sounds...
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Useful integration tips for enterprise AV
Actis Technologies is one of India’s leading AV integration and office automation company. In fact, we are the only AV integrator in #India to become an Avixa Gold level member. Over the years, we have a worked with various national and multinational companies on projects of different size and complexities. Each project is unique and so are the challenges that it brings along. Our team of experienced AV professionals and engineers have taken these challenges head-on to overcome them using...
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