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Set wireless lighting in your home or office with complete control

There is a technology that will allow you to set wireless lighting in your home or office with complete control wherever you are and wherever you’re going. You can have an extremely flexible lighting system with enhanced energy savings, both at the same time. This technology is the Maestro wireless technology from Lutron. It comes with...
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White Paper: Sustainable AVL makes strides

It has long been understood that doing good can be good for business. And this includes going green. Increasingly, sustainability makes good business sense. So, what exactly do we mean by sustainability? It means that we, the current generation live and work in a way that does not compromise the ability of future generations to...
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How to boost software adoption for improved collaboration within your organisation

It is very important that organisations adopt software that increases and improves collaboration within their businesses. However, persuading organisations to adopt new software can prove to be a challenge, especially when users are already accustomed to their daily workflow. While businesses are always on the lookout for new ways to improve collaboration among their employees,...
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All about video conferencing codecs

If you regularly use seamless video conferencing, you know how much it contributes to business productivity and the bottom line. Today, both large and small organisations use video conferencing to connect with remote users. However, do you know what enables the video conferencing call to be as perfect and seamless as it is? It’s something...
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White Paper: Video conferencing best practices

Video conferencing technology has come a long way from its early days. You can now connect with participants across the globe or then, conduct a multi-party call from your tablet or smartphone. In these ways video conferencing has become extremely powerful. However, video conferencing also has a very real human element and so, there are...
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White Paper: Six tips for managing a remote workforce

When you talk about a remote or virtual worker, this covers a broad spectrum. It ranges from a full-time employee who works from home several days a week, to team members located in another city or even, another country. It could also mean an organisation that is completely virtual, without a physical office. Trends point...
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White Paper: Top 5 Ways Video Conferencing Will Transform Your Business

Video conferencing has changed the way the world communicates. It has become an imperative for many businesses in multiple domains, including governmental agencies, healthcare organisations, and educational institutions. Over the past 30 years, video conferencing has evolved tremendously and has completely changed the way that the world communicates. Not only is video conferencing used in...
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White Paper: Eight challenges solved by cloud video conferencing

Your company is growing and multiple offices are being opened across cities, states, and countries. What’s more, your employees are demanding flextime, telecommuting, and online meetings. And your IT team is already overburdened. In such a scenario, you don’t just need regular video conferencing, you need cloud video conferencing! Cloud video conferencing can solve many...
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Creating exceptional AV experiences

While the goal of AV technology is to connect people, the AV experience has evolved over the years in significant ways. Audiovisual technology has transformed communication within communities and enterprises. In this video, Infocomm explores what it takes for a good AV experience to become an exceptional AV experience. We often think of disparate technologies...
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White Paper: Dispelling the 7 most common myths about video conferencing

Video conferencing is fast becoming a popular and practically ubiquitous option for businesses of all sizes and in all domains. However, there are still some myths that persist about video conferencing. This white paper by Lifesize helps dispel 7 of the most commonly held myths about video conferencing. These myths are… 1) Video conferencing is...
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