News: Times Of India – Now Video Conferencing becomes Mainstream

  Source: Times Of India   Improved technology, falling cost of equipment and hardware, and availability of better telecom bandwith have brought Video Conferencing closure to much larger section of the population, significantly benefiting small & medium businesses, distance learning organisation & telemedicine practitioners…….  
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News: Communications Today – Actis Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

  Source: Communications Today…   Actis aspires to help its partners extend their ability by delivering solutions that help clients transform their infrastructure for communication and collaboration. Actis technologies Private Limited helps businesses and individuals by providing them with the……..  
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News: Times Of India – Projector v/s Flat Panel for a Home theatre

  Source: Times Of India   What’s the difference between a projector & flat panel for a home theatre? 1. The basic difference is the display technologies. While projectors work on a reflective technology, the flat panels are either wall or ceiling mounted and look sleeker than a ceiling mounted projector assembly…   Projector vs...
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News: Enterpriser – India’s Small and Medium Business Network

  Source:   Recent global debates have ignited concerns and debates and brought us face-to-face with an inconvenient truth the adverse impact that we’re having on our planet. And there is significant proof of rapid changes in the Earth’s climate. Glaciers are receding at an astonishing rate and the ancient………  
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Video Conferencing has great Rol ranging from six months to a year

  Source: Voice & Data   What technological trends are adding value to videoconferencing in India? The Videoconferencing technology has advanced from point-to-point communication to multiple locations involving a multitude of people….   Video Conferencing has great Rol ranging from six months to a year
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News: Economic Times – HD Virtuality

  Source: Economic Times   High Definition videoconferencing makes its way into the Indian markets, reports Saloni Jhunjhunwalla….India’s sucess in the global technology industry makes it an ideal market for low-cost, high-definition videoconferencing. Today leading business houses are taking advantage of High Definition(HD) videoconferencing on ultra thin screen for the conference……   HD Virtuality
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News: Economic Times – Beyond the aesthetics

  Source: Economic Times   Global warming at its peak, and rising further to alarming heights is posing a big threat to our future generations and us. The social responsibility of this phenomenon falls on each one of us. We can save a lot of energy by not only doing defferent things…..   Beyond the...
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News: Express Computer – Boardroom Communication just got bigger

  Source: Express Computer   With the world turning into a global market, businesses have realised that the most productive way of conducting meetings lies in video conferencing which not only cuts travel costs but also reduces travel time……   Boardroom Communication just got bigger
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News: Communications Today – Actis – Plans & Strategies

  Source: Communications Today   Actis strategies for the next couple of years would focus on increasing business in its existing offices. (Currently the company has its head office in Mumbai and branch offices in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi, Kolkatta, New Delhi and Pune). the company plans to increase……………………..   Actis – Plans &...
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News: The Economic Times – Actis – Writing on the digital board

  Source: The Economic Times   Forget television. Nayan Kheda, president, View 24×7 is pushing for Sellvision. Now what’s that? On screens mounted across 300 restobars, pubs and restaurants around the country, entertainment programmes and interactive games are played, with ads in between. ” While at home, you may switch to a different channel when...
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