Telepresence Gains Momentum Needs More Awareness

  Source:   With companies eyeing cost-cutting in varous aspects of business, including corporate travel, they are looking to implement telepresence solutions that can also help in improving operations and drive workforce productivity. As per zinnov analysis, even a 10 percent reduction in travel could save…….   Telepresence Gains Momentum Needs More Awareness –...
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SMEs fear lockouts losses in 2009

  Source: Hindu Business Line   As many as five lakh small and medium enterprises (SMEs) face closure in 2009 as a result of the global crisis. The demand crunch could lead to lockouts hitting hard a sector that provides jobs to more than 2.8 crore people in 30 Lakh firms….   SMEs fear lockouts...
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Art of Travelling without Travelling

  Source: ExpressChannel Business   The inmprovement in technology and global economic slowdown are making videoconferencing a must have tool for the Indian corporations. Yuga Chaudhari and Syeda Beenish present various opportunities for partners in this growing solutions business. The world is experiencing a severe economic meltdown………..   Art of Travelling without Travelling
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Making the Smart move

  Source: Deccan Herald-DH Realty   Imagine being able to control your home with the click of a button. If you think that sounds far-fetched, read on to discover how homes today, have eveloved from four walls. Homes today can do much more than you ever imagined, all thanks to new age technology Welcome to...
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Actis-Panasonic partnership to increase sales in high definition audio-visual solutions India

  Source: Infoline News Service   Actis Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has announced the addition of Panasonic Flat Displays to its porfolio. Actis expects the flat panel market will continue to expand and considers flat panels monitors a core product for the coming age of broadcasting…………  
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Actis Adds Panasonic FPDs to its Portfolio

  Source: ChannelTimes Staff   Actis technologies, a provider of audio visual and environment control solutions, has announced the addition of Panasonic Flat Displays to its portfolio. Actis expects the flat panel market will continue to expand, and considers flat panel monitors…………  
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Actis Partners with NEC India for LCD Monitors

  Source: ChannelTimes Staff   Actis Technologies, a provider of audio visual and environment control solutions, has partnered with NEC India for Indusrtial LCD Monitors. The alliance will help Actis in providing organizations high qality industrial LCD monitors that are designed to run 24×7, and provide protection…..  
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Advanced Training Centre

Source: Times Ascent Any industry can benefit from advanced training centres, but the methods of training must be closely linked to the technology for greater benefit.”…  
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M&E cos switch on to digital boards for amusement

  Source: Economic Times   Forget television. Nayan Kheda, president View 24×7 is pushing for Sellvision. Now what’s that? On screens mounted across 300 restobars, pubs and restarants around the country, entertainment programmes and interactive games are played with ads in between. “While at home, you may switch to a different channel when an ad...
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Thinking Smart

  Source: Express Hospitality   Abhimanyu Gupta : It is said that necessity is the mother of invention. The modern world seems to prove this right again and again. Just when you think that technology has achieved everything that it can, our changing needs demand new innovations that seemed unimaginable just a few years ago....
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