Enjoy music when outdoors

Sound is the the first thing that you experience when you wake up in the morning and also the last thing you hear at night. Now imagine adding sound or music to the garden, around the home grounds, across the campus grounds, and on the deck, so that music will follow you. Crestron has introduced...
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Enhance and simplify Audio Visual system integration

From concerts and various other events to corporate meetings, audio visual solutions play a major role in letting us see and hear what’s going on. The set up requires several products, such as speakers, wires, cables, amplifiers, and transmitters.  Transmitters occupy a significant place in the audio visual layout. Extron has introduced the DTP T 3G-SDI...
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Control made simple for today and configured for tomorrow

If you’ve always wanted to have a room automation system that offers advanced control at your fingertips, the K-Touch 3.0 platform is for you. With this cloud-based platform, you can control anything, at anytime, and anywhere, by simply using your standard WiFi connection and existing infrastructure! With the K-Touch 3.0 control system from Kramer Electronics,...
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Effective presentation, collaboration, and knowledge sharing in your hands

Imagine having a presentation system that turns your classroom or conference room into a knowledge sharing repository of content and information, where you can easily and conveniently share topics or materials, in real time, with multiple users. Wolfvision has introduced the Cynap presentation system that enables users to share content, information and materials in any...
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Using a Digital Signal Processor to provide high-quality audio

If you want high-clarity audio during your meeting or presentation, or a seamless audio experience during your press conference, install Coretis, a Digital Signal Processor (DSP), in your meeting room, boardroom, or multipurpose room, and enjoy perfect sound. A DSP is especially useful in a classroom for teaching and learning. Coretis from beyerdynamic processes audio...
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Enjoy lifelike content with the new LaserPanel optical flat screen

If you want to watch high-resolution movies in your living room, or be able to present lifelike content in your meeting rooms at work, you now have an alternative to the ubiquitous LED flat screens. Welcome to the dnp LaserPanel 100” Optical Flat Screen! These optical flat screens are a very real alternative to LED flat...
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Case engineered to keep screen safe till installation of projector

While executing an Audio Visual setup, sometimes we have to hide the technology until it is needed. Ceiling-attached projection screen cases are especially problematic because of their length and their height. On many occasions, there is simply not enough room to recess the case due to a variety of obstructions. Draper has introduced the Access...
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Connecting seamlessly for smoother meetings

Do you want all of your meeting room systems to connect seamlessly with each other? Do you want to integrate with Crestron’s all-in-one presentation systems without any system programming? Now it’s easy…simply install and use the Crestron Media Presentation Button Panel B10 (MP-B10) with the .AV framework. This framework now supports the MP-B10. The MP-B10...
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Video conferencing infrastructure with limitless connections

With today’s hectic work schedule, we do not get a lot of time to travel to meetings. This is the reason why we got introduced to video conferencing, and face-to-face meetings became possible. But, today, we are not tied to traditional video conferencing. We now have the power of a real-life meeting experience in every...
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Express yourself clearly with a Full HD video conferencing system

Video conferencing is practically ubiquitous, and is now used in almost every industry. From giving a presentation to a client, to attending online lectures, or attending a job interview, video conferencing allows you to access information and content easily. Now imagine, a video conferencing solution that offers crystal clear pictures and multi-point connectivity with quick...
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