Features of WolfVision EYE-14

Welcome to the notes-free classroom

How about integrating a camera in your classroom or businesses so that the students don’t ever have to take notes again?  This requires an image capture or camera system, which is used more by the participants of a learning session, than it is by the presenter or faculty conducting it. WolfVision has introduced a high-quality...
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Comprehensive signal distribution in a single AV package

The use of all-digital distribution networks are now common in the AV world, with most new installations featuring either HDBaseT, Crestron’s Digital Media or Extron’s solutions in this same space. But for people who still have legacy/analog networks in place, the benefits of this system are considerable too. We’re now seeing several new components, products...
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Managing sources and projecting the big picture on your videowall

One of the most important aspects of using a video wall to showcase and utilise content effectively are the video processing features that make it possible to use a few or all the “cubes” to display a larger image from any source. This allows content producers to create a big image combining multiple tools in...
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Get rid of multiple cables and expenses

Simplification of VC, AV and other cabling is something that we strongly recommend to clients in all our projects, because of the cost and management benefits they achieve in projects. But to do this requires a change in the way we approach our cabling infrastructure. Extron has introduced the new AXP 64 CAT to eliminate...
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Want to control everything with one device?

While there are impressive new technologies in the space of control, touchscreens, and smart devices etc, sometimes one misses a simple, reliable remote. We think that at least one remote is a good idea, not just as a redundant controller, but also to allow for easier accessibility across your home. Most importantly, these remotes are...
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Audio expansion processor

Extron founds a way to eliminate pulling multiple cables and its associated expenses like man power, conduits from microphones to digital signal processors in the equipment rack for larger Installations!! Extron AXP 64 CAT routes signals from the meeting spaces such as board room/conference room to one or more DMP 128 AT digital matrix processors on the Dante...
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installation for your boardroom

Quick and trouble-free installation for your boardroom

Great boardrooms feature all the necessary tools to facilitate effective communication and connectivity between staff, customers, and clients. Audio speakers also play a vital role to ensure that all participants enjoy accurate, clear, and detailed sound. Extron has recently introduced the SM 28 SpeedMount speaker, which is a 2-way speaker with an 8″ woofer and an...
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Paging the future with networked and distributed systems

As networking technology continues to evolve, the enterprise AV and IT networks are converging. New technologies like HDBaseT are the more obvious expressions of this conversion, but there is much more coming to us today. Most importantly, as with most network-enabled technology, these products are much, much more powerful and flexible than their predecessors. An...
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A big screen creates a BIG impact

How about grabbing the attention of shoppers with messages and images playing in your life size displays, or creating a big impact in your meeting rooms with a minimal impact on your budget? Samsung has recently launched ME95C professional displays with edge-lit LED and full high definition (FHD) picture quality, which delivers rich content, high...
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Capture LIVE! events with complete confidence

Today, we are seeing the increasing desire amongst businesses to utilise video in innovative ways for communicating with their clients and consumers. But this is also an extremely powerful tool for “internal” communication initiatives — and can bring about considerable improvement in many applications like training, conference sessions, seminars, and medical chat. Sony’s new PTZ...
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