10 pointers for designing a Home AV distribution system

Do you want to stream 4K throughout your home? Or do you want to monitor who enters your yard while you’re watching your favorite sitcom in your basement? You can do all of this and more with different devices that can be integrated by Crestron Digital Media™ (Crestron DM™). In homes today, there are several...
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6 Design Tips for video walls as digital signage, that make your business more competitive

A video wall makes for a very compelling digital signage solution – one that can transform perceptions of your brand and organization amongst key stakeholders. This has been embraced by many businesses across India, especially in the banking, finance, and real estate sectors, where in addition to credibility, businesses want to differentiate themselves by highlighting...
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Top 5 tips for designing a multi-room audio solution

Multi-room audio isn’t really a new feature, as various consumer systems or software-based systems have existed for a while. What these systems do essentially, is help “distribute” the audio signal to multiple rooms, either over a wired or wireless network, so that they can be played on an audio system located in that room. So...
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What makes my home Smarter – Part 1?

Control and automation technology in homes isn’t really a new phenomenon, but we are seeing a whole lot of new innovations and innovators in this space. Some of the technologies and products seem simple and yet elegant (like Nest) with instant benefits, while there are others (like Tesla’s recent PowerPack announcement) that seem positively revolutionary....
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Whitepaper: 14 Best practices for Lync deployment

As businesses continue to expand video collaboration access through the organization, they are looking for ways to integrate Microsoft Lync into their infrastructure to provide wider access while keeping costs in check. We also believe that this is an excellent idea not just for the individual but also for small meeting and huddle rooms. But...
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Selecting the right microphone for your application

The world of professional-grade microphones and audio can be pretty confusing, and picking the right microphone for different design situations can have a significant impact on both the performance of a room’s audio system and costs. In this video from Biamp, we see a description of the different types of microphones that can be used...
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Tips for Telepresence Room Design

Top 5 Tips for Telepresence Room Design

Telepresence rooms have received a lot of press over the last few years because of the degree to which they are able to create an “in-the-same-room” sort of environment for video. It’s literally so good, that it’s unreal. But the adoption of telepresence in India has been limited because both set-up and operational costs are...
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Top 4 tips for Executive Briefing Centre design

Most global organizations (both Indian and multinational) create special meetings where their senior executives can meet and confer. Given the importance of these interactions and their impact on the organization, technologies that enable crystal clear audio and video communication are a pre-requisite in these rooms. Most executive briefing centers are built to accommodate about 10...
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Top 5 tips for multi-purpose hall design

While the modern corporate environment features many different kinds of spaces for meetings of different kinds – boardrooms, video conference rooms, huddle rooms, even auditoriums – there are still special situations which demand a certain amount of flexibility. Multi-purpose rooms are quickly becoming a feature of most corporate environments because of their ability to quickly...
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