Tips for Telepresence Room Design

Top 5 Tips for Telepresence Room Design

Telepresence rooms have received a lot of press over the last few years because of the degree to which they are able to create an “in-the-same-room” sort of environment for video. It’s literally so good, that it’s unreal.   But the adoption of telepresence in India has been limited because both set-up and operational costs...
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Top 4 tips for Executive Briefing Centre design

Most global organisations (both Indian and multinational) create special meetings where their senior executives can meet and confer. Given the importance of these interactions and their impact on the organisation, technologies that enable crystal clear audio and video communication are a pre-requisite in these rooms. Most executive briefing centres are built to accommodate about 10...
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Top 5 tips for multi-purpose hall design

While the modern corporate environment features many different kinds of spaces for meetings of different kinds – boardrooms, video conference rooms, huddle rooms, even auditoriums – there are still special situations which demand a certain amount of flexibility. Multi-purpose rooms are quickly becoming a feature of most corporate environments because of their ability to quickly...
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Whitepaper: Improving productivity with light controls

Calculating the benefits of lighting and energy management solutions in a commercial context poses a challenge to many workspace designers and the business that build them. The fundamental reason for this, is the fact that the technology is more or less invisible or inconspicuous and therefore barely noticed at all. Businesses have also not traditionally...
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Types of Calbes

A visual guide to cables

This guide from Radio Shack describes the different types of audio and video cables that are commonly used in AV installations. Clicking on the images of the cables (on the page on the RadioShack site) provides a lot of information about the proper use of different types of cables via FAQs. NOTE: Some of the...
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To engage with your audience, tell a story

This insightful post from Slideshare provides many useful nuggets for presenters, including ideas for how they can better engage audiences for more effective presentations. It uses neuroscience as a tool to evaluate how audiences respond to what we say to them, and concludes that the best way to engage with your audience is to “tell...
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Designing Collaborative Spaces for Schools

Top tips for distance learning room design

Distance learning rooms represent a unique kind of challenge compared to more conventional video conferencing rooms, partly because of the size of the rooms involved and partly because of the nature of interactions in a learning environment. Getting the design right in these environments is the key to natural interactions which allow faculty to utilise...
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Top 5 tips for digital cafeteria design and integration

As the environment in most corporate offices continues to evolve, organisations are realising the value of using the cafeterias as a place for communication with employees and also for use as a multi-purpose space for activities that require a large number of people to get together. These spaces are now routinely transformed into “digital cafeterias”...
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Whitepaper: Evaluating unified communications solutions

Unified communications is an increasingly important consideration for businesses who look toward it as a platform for improving productivity and responsiveness while reducing costs – no matter what their size or nature of business is. In this whitepaper titled “Evaluating Unified Communications Solutions”, Cisco talks about some of the key considerations that you should keep...
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Is VC a worthwhile investment

Primer: Is VC a worthwhile investment for your business?

While the power and value of video conferencing has long been established for large (Fortune 500 type) businesses and multinationals, small and medium organisations (SMEs) need to take more care to evaluate how they can leverage the real benefits of VC and achieve value from their investments. In this guide (Titled: “Ten things to consider...
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