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Experience a plush, realistic 3D experience at your home

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Most of us would like to re-create the cinema experience at home – and enjoy all the benefits of an up-sized and immersive experience without the need to book tickets in advance, make our way through traffic and  brave the crowds at the concession stands.

The great news is that this is now more realistically achievable (and affordable) than ever before.

Epson has introduced the new EH-TW8200 projector, which is perfect for delivering a personalised theatre-like experience at home. It is loaded with many features that deliver a completely immersive picture experience — a dynamic contrast ratio of 600,000:1, a high zoom range of 2.1X that allows for a razor-sharp focus, native resolution of 1920 x 1080, and connectivity via 2 HDMI, AV and a VGA port.

For the movies, perfect color imaging comes first and the EH-TW8200 uses a color matching function to ensure precise color reproduction, enabling a vivid cinema experience. Picture in picture mode allows users to project two images together wherein a sub-picture can be displayed at any corner of the screen, inside the main picture.

Greater clarity is also achieved with Lamp Boost technology, and it can be used to project images and videos (including 3D formats), very clearly. The high frame refresh rate of 480Hz minimises the “blackout time” when 3D images are transitioning from frame to frame which results in a smoothest 3D movie experience.

2D to 3D conversion function

Features of this home projector are as follows:

Right mixture of Image quality and colour reproduction

Full HD resolution

Flexible Installation parameters with Optical Lens Shift

Lighter RF 3D Glasses make for more comfortable viewing

Super-resolution in 2D and 3D including upscaling from 2D to 3D

2X HDMI connectivity

Double the view with a split screen


For more information about Home projector contact our team at 022-30808000/ [email protected]

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