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How an informal meeting culture changes enterprise audio needs

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Time is everything in the modern business environment and this is leading to more informal meeting practices even in enterprises. But this also has several implications on how conferencing technology needs to work to adjust for evolving needs.

In this video Biamp’s Graham Harrison talks to Paul Milligan, editor of InAVate about the changing face of meetings in the workplace and also about why and where audio plays a critical role.


Some key insights which may be of interest:

Videoconferencing systems need to be up and running in seconds, not minutes

Audio is critical for video conferencing and collaborative environments.

Video conferencing doesn’t really work without audio, but audio provides redundancy if video fails

In large organisations people don’t even have offices anymore, they work out of meeting rooms

Poor sound quality creates stress for enterprise employees because of the time they spend in meetings everyday

Technology needs to provide creative solutions for making audio work in crowded and dynamic environments — enabling people where they work and how they work

For ideas on how to improve audio performance in your workplace, contact Actis at 022-30808000 or write to [email protected]

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