Elevate your environment with
advanced Lighting Management

A quick video introduction to Lighting Management...
  • Networked lighting system - Distributed lighting control system that allows lighting management in various zones of your room or building
  • Creating the right mood - Lighting that makes you more productive and comfortable when you are at work or at leisure
  • Powerful lighting controls - Granular control of your lighting system including dimming with keypads, touchscreens and intelligent sensors
  • Automation for convenience - Programmable so that the system respond to inputs from room occupancy, lighting or other sensors to change lighting states or activate appropriate preset scenes
  • World class integration and support with Actis - Actis provides your team with world-class design, integration, maintenance and support services that help maximise ROI (more)

As facilities and offices grow in scale, managing their lighting systems becomes increasingly more important and complex. Designing the lighting appropriately for individual spaces while having the ability to monitor and control them with reliability requires high-quality lighting management systems.

Actis helps organisations set up lighting management systems that are easy to install, configure and scale when required. These systems are networked for real-time monitoring, central management and control throughout your facility.

What Benefits can Lighting Management create for your business?

Let dynamic lighting enhance your office, living space, building or campus

  • Wide variety of low consumption lighting fixtures which meet the needs of various spaces and applications
  • Precise dimming control for each fixture, allowing finely-tuned lighting scenes
  • Create smart lighting networks that integrate with building management or energy management systems
  • Mix of well-designed fixed/portable keypads or wired/wireless controllers which match your decor

Discover the ultimate in lighting control convenience

  • Occupancy, lighting and door sensors can be incorporated to automate lighting actions
  • Motorised shades and drapes to control the sunlight entering the room, office or home
  • Lighting systems can also seamlessly integrate with your A/V and security systems
  • Support facilities staff with systems that provide actionable data-based insights and allow management from anywhere

World class support via Actis Technologies

  • Needs Analysis & Assessment
  • Systems Design & Planning
  • Installation & Deployment
  • Training & User Adoption
  • Support & Maintenance
  • Managed Services

Key features of Actis integrated Lighting Management

We’ve built collaboration, AV, automation and lighting infrastructure for some of India’s leading organisations

Choose Actis for World-class Environment Control and Automation Solutions

Actis Technologies helps organisations build better AV-enabled interaction and experience spaces for a variety of applications. We apply over two decades of AV integration experience to help ensure your team achieve your strategic business objectives.

What we offer clients:

  • World-class assistance in design, installation, integration and support for all your collaboration spaces
  • Experienced AV integration specialists who are CTS certified and qualified for leading AV and Collaboration technologies and platforms
  • Highly customised solutions that fit your teams’ collaboration requirements perfectly, and are supported anywhere in India

Need to know more about Lighting Management for your organisation? Our specialists can help with design, integration or support services.

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