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Most Popular: Our top integration insights from February 2015

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We thought it might be useful to post a quick summary of the most popular posts on our blog from last month — for those of you who might have missed them.

And the top scorers from February 2015 are…

1. What you can’t see, can mess up your integration projects: Our experience over thousands of integration projects suggests that the 6 most commonly overlooked elements of integration projects are…

2. Video Blog: What can AV control and automation solutions do today?: Sachin Prabhudesai discusses how Control System makes life simpler for presenters by giving them control over presentation tools and other elements of the room environment.

3. Bayer India uses full-digital Networked AV to simplify collaboration infrastructure: How Bayer India is achieving truly productive video collaboration infrastructure by making VC available not just to the senior management, but to the entire organisation.

4. Top 5 tips for auditorium design and integration: The Actis team’s suggestions and tips towards helping you achieve optimum design in your auditorium…

5: Video Blog: How Digital Entertainment can be applied in a business environment: Sowmya Suryamoorthy from Actis talks about where (and how) businesses in India are also beginning to make use of Digital Entertainment technologies.

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