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Paging the future with networked and distributed systems

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As networking technology continues to evolve, the enterprise AV and IT networks are converging. New technologies like HDBaseT are the more obvious expressions of this conversion, but there is much more coming to us today. Most importantly, as with most network-enabled technology, these products are much, much more powerful and flexible than their predecessors.

An example of this are paging and announcement systems, which need to be used in more complex and larger environments as organisations and infrastructure continue to grow.

A new generation of DSPs (see Biamp’s Vocia) leverage current IT technology to deliver a superior alternative to the traditional architecture of centralized processing and routing. These systems use a distributed networked approach to deliver unprecedented scalability, flexibility, and reliability.

Key features and Benefits

In this video, Biamp describes some of the key features and benefits of the systems and also provides an insight into how a networked paging system works.

The Vocia networked paging system from Biamp

For more information on how your organisation can implement advanced networked paging systems, contact Actis at 022-30808000/ [email protected]

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