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IIT Bombay

“Actis has been the most reliable AV company in terms of their choice and range of products, well trained resources and delivery timelines. They are geared to serve any challenge in the AV space.“

IIM Bangalore

“This program is now available simultaneously to students in Bangalore, Chennai & potentially to students in other cities; thanks to the seamless technology brought to the fore by Actis…“

The Indian School of Business

“Kudos to the Actis team in setting up two high-quality lecture halls, one at ISB Mohali campus, and the other at ISB Hyderabad campus. We are very impressed with the technical capabilities and the […]

Indian Register of Shipping

“When it comes to audio-visual solutions, we trust only Actis. They are not only the experts in end-to-end solutions but also have very well-trained resource people“

The Wadhwa Group

“Actis has impressively integrated design and technology to create a world-class facility for our headquarters. We value their expertise and thank them for their support and solutions.“


“Actis’ end-to-end solutions helped Transocean gear up to serve the challenges in the AV space…“

iGate Patni

“Thanks to Actis, not only are our solutions well designed and implemented, but serve to enhance customer experience too…“

EMC Corporation

“Actis has provided us with complete end-to-end solutions. We value their technical expertise which has aided us in better information management…“

General Atlantic

“Our experience with Actis has been remarkable and we laud them for their capabilities…“


“ACTIS provided us with right solution as per our needs and were very professional in their approach during overall project tenure.“
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