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Asian Paints

    Asian Paints



    General Atlantic

    Actis designed a solution that combines functionality and aesthetics, simultaneously matching its ideas with Asian Paints’ business needs…


    Asian Paints operates in 23 countries across the world. It has manufacturing facilities in each of these countries and is the largest paint company in nine overseas markets. What they needed was meeting rooms for making effective presentations and a state-of-the-art boardroom.


    The corporate boardroom is equipped with a motorised screen that is powered by a projector housed in a retractable lift. PC, audio, LAN and power connectivity are available at various locations on the boardroom table, as well as the movable podium. As the room is large, a speech reinforcement system is installed to ensure that the voice of the speaker is audible at equal levels in all parts of the room. Elegant, unobtrusive boundary layer microphones are installed on the table surface.
    A lighting control system dims the fluorescent and incandescent lighting in the room. The lighting system allows the creation of preset lighting sequences that are instantly recalled depending on the activity in the room. Finally, a colour touch panel facilitates single-point control for projector, audio, video, switching, lighting & screen.
    Actis helped create 5 meetings rooms that incorporate several meeting and presentation technologies to allow the use of different types of digital and multimedia content. Connectivity panels on the tables let a user connect his notebook computer at any convenient location and present on large screen display.

    The Final Impression

    A state-of-the-art boardroom and high-tech meeting rooms that improved the quality of internal communication during business meetings

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