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Bank of Baroda

    Bank of Baroda



    Bank of Baroda

    The integrated presentation system at Baroda House allows the Bank to convey powerfully its full range of services across its national and international networks…


    Bank of Baroda was founded in 1908 with the motto “Thou shalt forever be prosperous”. It was among the first few banks to venture overseas by opening a branch in Mombassa in 1953. Today, it has a network of 2631 branches in India and 38 overseas branches in 16 countries and was looking to improve the quality of communication across the organisation.


    Actis created a unique, large-format video conferencing unit in an auditorium setting for Bank of Baroda, which allows the participants to conference live using full motion video and audio with remote locations, both nationally and internationally. A separate audio system caters to the conferencing needs, so that far end audio appears to emanate from the direction of the screen, making video conference sessions more life-like.
    The auditorium is equipped with a projector mounted in a motorised ceiling-recessed lift that conceals the projector when not in use. The screen is also motorised and two receptacles each with connectivity for pc, audio, LAN and power are housed in the podium. Computer and video inputs are switched using switchers. The capability to share media with the remote audience during video conference sessions is an important part of the set-up.
    The audio system comprises front overhead, surround, and rear speakers for Dolby Digital effect. Handheld microphones, and a gooseneck microphone on the podium form part of the speech reinforcement system.

    The Final Impression

    A state-of-the-art auditorium, equipped with high-tech audio-video devices, and national as well as international audio video conferencing.

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