Human Centric, Energy Efficient
Lighting and Smart Controls

A quick video introduction to the impact of Lighting and Automation...
  • Smart, Human Centric Lighting - Customise lighting to create a better experience for employees, customers and guests. Personalisation and customisations can be enabled according to the applications
  • Simplified asset monitoring and management - Simplify management of enterprise assets and integration with Building Management Systems (BMS) to help facilities management teams
  • Boost Energy Efficiency - Helps maximize energy efficiency by remotely adjusting shading, lighting, HVAC, and other equipment to reduce the organisational carbon footprint
  • Smart controls and automation -Control system and room resource management tools allow virtual control and monitoring (AV resources, remote system diagnostics, network activity logs and event scheduling) from anywhere
  • World class integration and support with Actis - Actis provides your team with world-class design, integration, maintenance and support services that help maximise ROI (more)

Intelligent Lighting and Automation systems can have a considerable impact on our working and living spaces, either creating the right mood or adjusting various aspects of the environment without our intervention. They combine various sensors with an Integrated Control System for control and automation of the environment (room, office, living space, building or campus).

Actis Lighting and Automation Systems help building managers generate substantial savings and improve the aesthetics and productivity in living and working spaces. Our LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) compliant solutions monitor, optimise and reduce energy utilisation in buildings using various conservation methods. Advanced lighting control features create a human centric lighting (HCL) environment which increases productivity and decreases stress levels.

What Benefits can Lightning and Automation Solutions create for your business?

Improve the aesthetics and productivity in living and working spaces

  • Integration allows a huge ecosystem of devices to be brought under control and makes the process of monitoring energy consumption possible.
  • Reduce energy consumption by about 15% via daylight harvesting and natural light control with automated dimming systems
  • Innovative Control Software is the key to better facility management, allowing administrators to manage lighting, AV and other resources
  • Have easy access to an advanced lighting control system with powerful touch / button panels or remote control interfaces

Combining the benefits of lighting, control and automation technologies

  • Occupants can adjust lighting to their preferences via local wall control panels, computer control or through handheld transmitters
  • Intelligent sensors allow dimming, motion sensing, daylight harvesting, ambient light sensing
  • Create extraordinarily complicated lighting scenes, store them as presets and then change them with the touch of a single button
  • Room resource management tools allow virtual control and monitoring (AV resources, remote system diagnostics, network activity logs and event scheduling) from anywhere, via a central help desk

World class support via Actis Technologies

  • Needs Analysis & Assessment
  • Systems Design & Planning
  • Installation & Deployment
  • Training & User Adoption
  • Support & Maintenance
  • Managed Services

Key features of Actis Lighting and Automation solutions

Achieve energy efficiency

Boost building intelligence

We’ve built collaboration infrastructure for some of India’s leading organisations

Choose Actis for World-class Residential and Hospitality Solutions

Actis Technologies helps individuals and businesses build better AV-enabled experience and leisure spaces for a variety of applications. We apply over two decades of AV integration experience to help ensure your team achieve your strategic business objectives.

What we offer clients:

  • World-class assistance in design, installation, integration and support for all your collaboration spaces
  • Experienced AV integration specialists who are CTS certified and qualified for leading AV and Collaboration technologies and platforms
  • Highly customised solutions that fit your teams’ collaboration requirements perfectly, and are supported anywhere in India

Need to know more about Lighting and Automation solutions for your organisation? Our specialists can help with design, integration or support services.

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