Re-imagining collaboration for the real-time enterprise

Video Collaboration Solutions

Video Collaboration Solutions

Video collaboration has become the closest replacement for meeting people in person - without having to be in the same room. Actis combines some of the most powerful technologies available to create video interactions that approach the realism of in-person meetings.


3D Telepresence

Actis 3D Telepresence helps businesses transform the quality of communication and collaboration by providing ‘same-room quality’ interaction across multiple office locations.

Video Conference Rooms

An Actis videoconferencing network improves the quality of communication and collaboration across teams in multiple locations within an organisation.

Mobile Videoconferencing

Videoconferencing is a powerful business tool. But as the applications and demands of videoconferencing expand, organisations often need more flexibility than fixed video conferencing installations can offer.

Distance Learning Centres

Actis AV solutions make distance learning a powerful tool for expansion and cost efficiency, that can improve the ROI on existing investments made by world-class institutions.

Business Benefits

Allow for seamless exchange of high-quality audio, video and data which is necessary for most modern meetings

Use video communication to improve productivity by making interactions for internal teams more intuitive, responsive and effective

Reduce the costs for communication and travel and increasing and frequency and quality of of interactions both internally and with clients

What clients say about us?

  • This program is now available simultaneously to students in Bangalore, Chennai & potentially to students in other cities; thanks to the seamless technology brought to the fore by Actis

    Dr. Rajendra K. Bandi
    IIM Bangalore
  • Actis has provided us with complete end-to-end solutions. We value their technical expertise which has aided us in better information management

    Murali Nair
    Senior Facility Manager – EMC2
  • Actis has impressively integrated design and technology to create a world-class facility for our headquarters. We value their expertise and thank them for their support and solutions

    Navin Makhija
    Director, The Wadhwa Group
AV Solutions, Audio Visual Consultants at Actis Technologies India