Audio Conferencing

How can businesses work and communicate effectively?

In the modern business environment, it is clear that the businesses that thrive are the ones that collaborate and communicate more effectively. Audiovisual technologies play an increasingly important role in enabling this, especially as real-time video collaboration grows more popular. In this interesting info-graphic, Infocomm (the world’s leading body of AV professionals), talks about the...
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wired conference system

Digital wired conferencing systems enable perfect audio clarity

We’ve talked in the past about the importance of audio design in boardrooms, and how good sound design and audio reinforcement can help overcome natural audibility constraints in conference rooms. Obviously, the key elements to ensuring audio clarity – in local or remote conferences – are the microphones and audio conferencing systems. A good solution...
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Whitepaper: Bridging the gap between desktops and large conference rooms

The benefits to extending unified communications and collaboration through the enterprise are well understood — but costs continue to deter organisations from implementing enterprise grade video conferencing in many smaller workspaces. Many smaller groups end up having to manage with a lower quality experience on services like Skype running on a tablet/laptop/desktop. While the performance...
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How does mix-minus address audio echo

FAQ: How does mix-minus address audio echo and feedback problems?

What is mix-minus? This is a term used in the audio industry to describe a particular setup of a mixing console or matrix mixer, which eliminates the input from an audio device (such as a microphone or speaker) from the output to that device. That is, the output to the audio device contains everything except...
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Polycom SoundStation in a conference room

Experience Analog or IP-based audio conferencing in a single device

While video conferencing technologies get most of the attention nowadays, the relatively high costs of bandwidth in India mean that businesses continue to use audio conferencing too. The lower costs of both the hardware and the services also means that it’s a very productive solution for small and medium businesses that are more cautious about...
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right use and placement of wireless microphones

Understanding the right use and placement of wireless microphones

In many senses, wireless microphones are a very simple and common techniques that are widely adopted because of the convenience that they provide. The considerably simple life for event managers and performers/presenters by eliminating troublesome wires on stage or in a conference room and providing greater freedom for movement. But not all wireless microphones are...
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DSP - Actis Blog

Tips: A Few Basics about Digital Signal Processors (DSPs)

Today digital signals are part and parcel of all data networks, and this includes audio-visual networks, which are quickly going digital. A basic understanding of how digital signal processors (DSPs) work is critical, because they play an important role in simplifying AV networking and also in achieving greater audio-video clarity. Put simply, as AV moves...
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Ceiling mounted microphone array pickup pattern

The best place for your VC microphones may be the ceiling

Many video conferencing setups place a lot of emphasis on video performance but end up not paying enough attention on the audio clarity necessary for really productive collaboration. One challenge for room designers lies in the fact that the layout and elements in some large rooms can sometimes create problems with audibility. Also, in smaller...
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Product Release: Can popular VoIP videoconferencing services like Skype work with your high-end boardroom AV setup?

As the quality and reliability of internet-based conferencing services (like Skype) continue to improve, it is interesting to consider them as a platform for video collaboration in your organisation. One key limitation however, is that the software is tied to the laptop and therefore loses out on clarity when multiple people at different distances from...
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