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A short-throw projector mount

A short-throw projector mount that can make your projector interactive

Interactive short-throw projectors are a very interesting display solution for all types of meeting rooms, and especially for classrooms. While we have talked about these products in the past, mounting these in your room requires a special type of wall-mounted projector mount. Once such product is the WM220AUSI interactive projector wall mount from Chief, which...
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Mounting systems can make or break your video wall

Video walls are an amazing display solution in a variety of settings, but especially when you really want to grab your audience’s attention. There is simply no product that matches them for situations where the lighting conditions hamper clarity and colour reproduction and where the display needs to be on for several hours a day....
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Media Coverage: Forward Momentum

Media Coverage: Forward Momentum

India boasts a large and diverse professional AV industry that can be difficult to navigate. Hurrairah bin Sohail speaks with Actis, a prominent local integrator, and gauges the state of the market. The Republic of India is known as the world’s largest democracy thanks to the 1.2 billion people living within its borders but the...
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All about Pyng iPad app

Home automation gets simpler with Pyng iPad app

High quality control solutions have taken a hardware first approach for a long time — but the arrival of smartphones and tablets is quickly changing this. Crestron has a new solution called Pyng that allows control of a wide variety of home automation features. The app (which is available for the iPad) allows access to...
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Media Coverage: Forward Momentum

FAQs: A Glossary of common Digital AV terms

Like any type of technology the AV industry has its own vocabulary, one that can become a little confusing if you are not used to it. This Digital AV glossary from Extron is a great place to figure out the meaning of various terms used when referring to digital AV. Here are few of the...
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Video: Small tweaks to room design can boost VC quality

A lot of time, attention and expense usually precedes the implementation of video conferencing equipment for an organisation — but the eventual performance can be disappointing if certain aspects of the rooms themselves are overlooked. In this video interaction, Sachin Prabhudesai (who has over 15 years of experience with AV implementation) discusses some of the...
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Lutron Award for Actis Lighting Management

Lutron Award for Actis Lighting Management Systems

We’re happy to share that the Actis Lighting and Energy Management team recently won an award in the commercial (enterprise) segment for our work on implementing Lighting Management Systems (LMS) in India. Lutron is one of the world’s leading solution providers in the area of lighting control and management systems.
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New Trends: Why enterprise collaboration must bridge the IT-AV gap

At Actis, we’ve been working on implementing Enterprise Collaboration or Unified Communications (UC) with clients for several years. The experiences we’ve had, point to problems in “Bridging the IT-AV divide” as a key issue that trips up implementation of enterprise collaboration. This is usually because either the IT and AV systems (or people) aren’t working...
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Tips: Maximising the use of Video Conferencing in Education

The early adoption of video conferencing in the education sector (and for learning/training applications) has been centered on its potential to enable distance learning. But there are several other benefits (beyond distance learning) that video conferencing infrastructure can bring to classrooms — which include lecture capture/recording and live streaming. In this Cisco video case study,...
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Tips: 5 Presentation Predictions for 2015 from Slideshare

How we present our ideas is constantly evolving, as our audiences and the technologies available to use continue to evolve. This set of predictions from Slideshare provides some very interesting insights into how presentations are set to evolve and provides directions on how we can adapt and improve. Some key observations: 1. Solutions like Prezi...
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