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Enhance and simplify Audio Visual system integration

From concerts and various other events to corporate meetings, audio visual solutions play a major role in letting us see and hear what’s going on. The set up requires several products, such as speakers, wires, cables, amplifiers, and transmitters.  Transmitters occupy a significant place in the audio visual layout. Extron has introduced the DTP T 3G-SDI...
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Using a Digital Signal Processor to provide high-quality audio

If you want high-clarity audio during your meeting or presentation, or a seamless audio experience during your press conference, install Coretis, a Digital Signal Processor (DSP), in your meeting room, boardroom, or multipurpose room, and enjoy perfect sound. A DSP is especially useful in a classroom for teaching and learning. Coretis from beyerdynamic processes audio...
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Enjoy lifelike content with the new LaserPanel optical flat screen

If you want to watch high-resolution movies in your living room, or be able to present lifelike content in your meeting rooms at work, you now have an alternative to the ubiquitous LED flat screens. Welcome to the dnp LaserPanel 100” Optical Flat Screen! These optical flat screens are a very real alternative to LED flat...
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Hear big cleanly and clearly

Whether you’re listening to CDs, watching a film in your home cinema, or giving a presentation, good quality speakers are extremely essential. But using an additional subwoofer also makes a huge difference. A good subwoofer improves your listening experience, by making the audio source sound bigger and more lifelike. It helps the amplifier and main...
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White Paper: Lighting up your life with Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)

If you have to convert your company cafeteria into a town hall venue, with a need for different kinds of lighting, or then, you need to dim all of the lights in your home when you have stepped out for a bit, Light Emitting Diodes (LED) lighting should be your first choice! Ten years ago,...
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Audio Visual systems on wheels

Organisations are always looking for ways to maximise profits, increase flexibility, and enhance their return on investment when planning technology upgrades. Portability or mobility is the primary consideration when looking to upgrade their existing system. Chief has introduced a Manual Height Adjustable Mobile Audio Visual Cart, which is suitable for the corporate and education sector....
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Enjoy a unique movie experience from the comfort of your very own home

Do you love watching the latest Hollywood movies and TV sitcoms? Are you the proverbial movie buff? Well, now you can watch all the movies and TV sitcoms that you want to, from the comfort of your very own home! Even if you choose to download home movies, music videos, and television sitcoms from the...
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Thanks to Flour Daniel (and vice versa)

We’d like to thank the Flour Daniel team for their lovely gift (see below) and their appreciation of the extra time that our team (see Amit Kundal and Ajay here) has been putting in to make sure that their project meets tight deadlines. It was our pleasure entirely. .    
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How ergonomics affects AV system design

Today, each of us spends considerable amounts of time in meeting rooms and work-spaces that are enabled by AV technology and allow us to present our ideas or communicate with people for work. But despite the best AV technology available to us, poor ergonomic design can undermine our goals and leave participants feeling strained and...
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Comprehensive signal distribution in a single AV package

The use of all-digital distribution networks are now common in the AV world, with most new installations featuring either HDBaseT, Crestron’s Digital Media or Extron’s solutions in this same space. But for people who still have legacy/analog networks in place, the benefits of this system are considerable too. We’re now seeing several new components, products...
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