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How can businesses work and communicate effectively?

In the modern business environment, it is clear that the businesses that thrive are the ones that collaborate and communicate more effectively. Audiovisual technologies play an increasingly important role in enabling this, especially as real-time video collaboration grows more popular. In this interesting info-graphic, Infocomm (the world’s leading body of AV professionals), talks about the...
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A big screen creates a BIG impact

How about grabbing the attention of shoppers with messages and images playing in your life size displays, or creating a big impact in your meeting rooms with a minimal impact on your budget? Samsung has recently launched ME95C professional displays with edge-lit LED and full high definition (FHD) picture quality, which delivers rich content, high...
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Whitepaper: Hitting the moving target of 4K

As the 4K resolution standard is gaining acceptance in the consumer segment – there is a need for enterprise grade AV systems to also incorporate support for them. But as is the case with any new technology standard, 4K is still a dynamic set of standards and systems designed today, with a need to plan...
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Trends – How do ceiling visualizer systems help?

Presenting with digital content is now reasonably straightforward, and the tools to do this are featured in most conference and meeting rooms. However, in some special applications, it is important to present content from hard-copy document, maps or schematics – and a document camera or a visualizer becomes a necessity. But increasingly, users are asking...
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Beauty drives business, economically

Presenting business messages in a way that attracts, and holds the interest and attention of clients, is the goal of any business or retailer. The goal is always to leave a lasting impression about your brand or product in an affordable and ideal way. Samsung has recently introduced the new DBD Series displays, to help businesses...
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Professional Quality Microphones for Multi-Applications

Whether you need to pick up the low frequencies of sound or negate them to focus on the voice or main audio, good quality microphones are the primary interfaces for your audio source. Vocal, Instruments, karaoke or concert, different types of microphones are required to suit various needs. Stage performances and Stereo recordings need highest...
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Crestron’s DigitalMedia

Understanding ‘real quality’ in 4K displays

With the interest in 4K resolution beginning to rise, its crtical to understand that resolution doesn’t always directly translate into quality. A lot about the performance of even great displays relies on the quality of the signal transport and switching system being used. In this DigitalMedia Lab demonstration, Crestron shows how even 4K sources and...
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What is EDID in the context of video displays

FAQ: What is EDID in the context of video displays?

EDID is a protocol that enables digital video display technologies like HDMI, DVI and DisplayPort. According to Wikipedia… “Extended display identification data (EDID) is a data structure provided by a digital display to describe its capabilities to a video source (e.g. graphics card or set-top box). It is what enables a modern personal computer to...
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gaps in your video wall vanish

Make the seams or gaps in your video wall vanish

While the use of thin bezel displays is becoming popular for video walls, the visible gap between neighbouring LCD panels can still be a problem when the viewing distances are small. DNP recently introduced InvisiBezel to tackle this by “optically” reducing the gap to 1mm – which creates a virtually seamless viewing experience. This is...
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Occupancy and Vacancy sensors for lighting

What’s the difference between Occupancy and Vacancy sensors for lighting?

When should you use a vacancy sensor, and where is an occupancy sensor a better fit On the surface, it may seem like vacancy and occupancy sensors perform the same task, of automating the process of turning off lights to save power. But there is a significant difference in how they work which affects our...
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