Cable Management

Cable management for your AV needs

Today’s boardroom and conference room are very well equipped with easy-to-use audio visual technology. It typically has a big table with a chair, and on the table we try to hide the wires and adapters. Cable management is extremely necessary for today’s Audio Visual (AV) industry. How about having a cable cubby that is engineered...
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Standards for verifying AV Cable Performance

The modern workspace is depending on increasingly complex networks for AV data to flow efficiently and seamlessly. Ensuring that this virtual “central nervous system” is functioning in a healthy manner is therefore extremely important. Unfortunately most businesses and even many AV professional fail to give the AV cabling and distribution systems the attention and maintenance...
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Enhance and simplify Audio Visual system integration

From concerts and various other events to corporate meetings, audio visual solutions play a major role in letting us see and hear what’s going on. The set up requires several products, such as speakers, wires, cables, amplifiers, and transmitters.  Transmitters occupy a significant place in the audio visual layout. Extron has introduced the DTP T 3G-SDI...
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Get rid of multiple cables and expenses

Simplification of VC, AV and other cabling is something that we strongly recommend to clients in all our projects, because of the cost and management benefits they achieve in projects. But to do this requires a change in the way we approach our cabling infrastructure. Extron has introduced the new AXP 64 CAT to eliminate...
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Video Blog: Why are high quality cables and switchers critical for meeting and conference rooms?

As a general rule, we pay more attention to the things that seem conspicuous — say the projector we select in a room — than on the quality of the signal that we provide it. This “taking for granted” often results in even well-designed and well-equipped meeting and conference rooms suffering from lack of clarity...
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Types of Calbes

A visual guide to cables

This guide from Radio Shack describes the different types of audio and video cables that are commonly used in AV installations. Clicking on the images of the cables (on the page on the RadioShack site) provides a lot of information about the proper use of different types of cables via FAQs. NOTE: Some of the...
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