DMPS3-4K-150-C in-conference-room

Enjoy complete collaboration in your small or medium meeting space

Modern control systems and technology can be amazing — with several types of interfaces to control every aspect of a meeting room’s functions. However, there are times one is looking for a simpler and more basic controller — like in a training or small conference room. To make this possible, Crestron has launched the DMPS3-4K-150-C,...
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Actis wins Crestron Integration award for Best Education Project in India

Actis has won the Crestron Integration award for Best Education project in India. Actis received this award in a ceremony held in Bangalore on Friday, July 31, 2015. The occasion was CresCONNECT 2015, hosted each year by Crestron Asia Ltd, who are leaders in the integration space. The audience and nominees had gathered to celebrate...
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Wireless controller with ultimate performance

These days, most electronic gadgets are touch centric. Touch screens are preferred over keypads, because they need very little or no pressure to operate, whereas keypads/buttons need minimum pressure to operate. Be it a home or a business, wireless touch screens are reliable and secure. Crestron has introduced the TST-902 wireless touch screen, which is...
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Shorten workflows for meeting video content management

In most organizations, there is an understanding that content is a valuable asset, but the tools available for the content management of meetings are pretty poor. We’ve talked in the past about the importance of meeting capture systems, which are probably the simplest way to ensure access to video content that is important to your...
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Build an Intelligent Enterprise on the .AV Framework

If you are are in the knowledge business, you know how difficult it is to find the tools that would empower your team to get the job done efficiently and with the minimum of effort. Given the growing business pressures, most businesses are looking for ways to find such tools to increase productivity and streamline...
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Connecting seamlessly for smoother meetings

Do you want all of your meeting room systems to connect seamlessly with each other? Do you want to integrate with Crestron’s all-in-one presentation systems without any system programming? Now it’s easy…simply install and use the Crestron Media Presentation Button Panel B10 (MP-B10) with the .AV framework. This framework now supports the MP-B10. The MP-B10...
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10 pointers for designing a Home AV distribution system

Do you want to stream 4K throughout your home? Or do you want to monitor who enters your yard while you’re watching your favorite sitcom in your basement? You can do all of this and more with different devices that can be integrated by Crestron Digital Media™ (Crestron DM™). In homes today, there are several...
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Want to control everything with one device?

While there are impressive new technologies in the space of control, touchscreens, and smart devices etc, sometimes one misses a simple, reliable remote. We think that at least one remote is a good idea, not just as a redundant controller, but also to allow for easier accessibility across your home. Most importantly, these remotes are...
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What you can do with simple affordable home control

We’ve talked in the past about Crestron’s Pyng system (or app) and how it brings simpler and more affordable control and automation features to our living spaces. A key advantage of this system is that once it’s installed by an AV specialist, it can be easily managed, administered and expanded by home owners too. In...
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Explore the shades with state-of-the-art control

Windows play an integral part in our homes from a functional perspective and even when it comes to decorating the interiors with shades. The recently introduced Crestron Shading Solutions helps manage indoor lighting efficiently and conveniently, and also has impressive new designer fabrics for motorised shades. These shades add beauty, convenience, and comfort throughout the home...
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