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Understanding ‘real quality’ in 4K displays

With the interest in 4K resolution beginning to rise, its crtical to understand that resolution doesn’t always directly translate into quality. A lot about the performance of even great displays relies on the quality of the signal transport and switching system being used. In this DigitalMedia Lab demonstration, Crestron shows how even 4K sources and...
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Controlling your touch screen with voice command recognition

When is a touch-screen more than just a touch-screen? When it also lets you use voice control to control any room, the entire home or facility. This includes regular wireless control to browse through apps, select movies, listen to music, adjust the volume, change channels, surf the Web and more. Crestron has introduced the TST-602...
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Voice command, 2-way touch screen in one versatile controller

With the universal popularity of touch screens on mobile phones and other gadgets, the AV world has to be creative in enabling smartphones and touch screens as touch-sensitive control options. However, in some cases, the controller needs to be available on a screen that can be mounted on the wall, in a lectern or in...
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Whitepaper: Distributing 4K and UHD Signals in Pro AV environments

Amongst AV professionals, there is consensus on the fact that “the system is only as good as the distribution”. This refers to common experiences with clients who are new to large scale AV deployments — and who focus on more glamorous and conspicuous elements (like the display and audio hardware) and somewhat overlook the distribution...
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Crestron Home Automation

A glimpse at what control and automation can do @home

A while ago, in a video conversation with Sachin Prabhudesai, we touched upon about how regular homes can now enjoy control and automation solutions too — because more affordable options for this are available. With this video peek into its London demo room, Crestron provides an interesting glimpse into connected homes and the kinds of...
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About Crestron Fusion RV system

Remote asset management software simplifies AV infrastructure management and helpdesk services

This set of videos from Crestron provides a quick overview of several features of their powerful Fusion RV remote asset management software. This is the AV and technology management component of Crestron’s Fusion software, which enables organizations to monitor and manage AV equipment, BMS, room scheduling, lighting, shades, climate, and energy consumption from a single...
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All about Pyng iPad app

Home automation gets simpler with Pyng iPad app

High quality control solutions have taken a hardware first approach for a long time — but the arrival of smartphones and tablets is quickly changing this. Crestron has a new solution called Pyng that allows control of a wide variety of home automation features. The app (which is available for the iPad) allows access to...
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Capture and broadcast learning room sessions in LIVE HD

Recording and distributing classroom content (including LIVE streaming) is increasingly popular for both the education and corporate training applications. The potential of some of these features is already being realised by several leading learning institutions in India — including IIT, IIM and Lintas. While we’ve talked about products that help implement this in your VC-enabled...
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Achieving audiophile quality multi-room audio distribution

Implementing multi-room/multi-zone audio can often require compromises in sound quality or create constraints in complex living or working environments. To simplify this, Crestron Electronics offers their Sonnex multi-zone digital audio distribution solution (which works over CAT 5e or fibre optic cables). Key features of the Sonnex system include: Allows upto 74 stereo zones of robust,...
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AirMedia Presentation Gateway

Move to wire-free presentations with an AirMedia Presentation Gateway

As powerful wireless devices (laptops, tablets or phones) and cloud storage become powerful and ubiquitous, it is changing the ways in which we can choose to deliver presentations in the boardroom or meeting room. AirMedia™ is a technology that allows anyone to use the local Wi-Fi® network and start wirelessly sharing content from a portable device...
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