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The Actis AV Experience Centre Re-imagined

We’re super excited to announce our Re-imagined Actis Experience Centre, which was considered pretty ground breaking when launched in its original avaatar in 2009. A lot has been changing in the AV and integration industry recently, so we wanted to get in the latest technology and demonstrate what’s possible with the latest collaboration tools in...
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A portable and powerful projector for both home and office

Making a pitch is critical for small business owners who need to grow their business through new opportunities and communicate ideas within growing teams. Being able to present ideas to larger groups via a laptop is both convenient and effective, but the costs of doing so can seem daunting in the context of a small business....
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Simplified AV switching with powerful integration capabilities

If you’ve ever attended a concert seated at the rear and were unable to hear clear sound, you know how annoying it was! If you’ve attended a video conference and the image and sound did not carry, you know how helpless you felt! Audio and video that carry are a very important part of any...
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Enjoy a unique movie experience from the comfort of your very own home

Do you love watching the latest Hollywood movies and TV sitcoms? Are you the proverbial movie buff? Well, now you can watch all the movies and TV sitcoms that you want to, from the comfort of your very own home! Even if you choose to download home movies, music videos, and television sitcoms from the...
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FAQ: How can one install recessed video walls?

This excellent and detailed resource provides details about the challenges (and solutions) for installing recessed video walls. Its a comprehensive guide that addresses most of the questions that you might come up with very clearly and vividly (see image below).   For assistance with you video wall installation and design, contact Actis at 022-30808000 or...
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All about Epson TW5200

Get in the game from the comfort of your living room

If you are a gamer, who enjoys playing games on a monitor or a large TV, then you should probably know that the experience is nothing compared to what its like on a really big screen (above 100″). Why not upgrade to a projector that not only provides an earth-shaking (that’s the dinosaur…) gaming experience...
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Samsung EBD and RMD series TVs

Turn sales on, every time you switch on your Smart TV

Gone are the days when regular television with good audio system were the primary requirement of small and medium sized enterprises like restaurants, medical practices, gyms and salons. To keep up with modern content sources and trends, Smart TVs have become popular in homes and in retail spaces across the globe. Samsung has launched EBD...
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Projection mapping

Projection mapping makes LIVE events captivating

  From time to time, businesses face the challenge of making a big splash. This could be because they are launching a new brand or a new product, celebrating a special event or just trying to connect with their audiences. But creating  a memorable impression is becoming more and more difficult, as most audiences are...
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Extron SMD 202 H.264

Discover the benefits of a streaming media player

Today, the ability to stream live and recorded content from AV-enabled rooms is becoming a feature that businesses find extremely useful. It provides a very simple way to share important information in collaborators who are unable to participate for some reason, and also to help maintain records of critical meeting for referral later. Extron has...
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Video Blog: How Digital Entertainment can be applied in a business environment

Digital entertainment has been around for a while, but its application has been largely limited to residential and hospitality applications. However, in more recent times we are seeing its applications in corporate environments too – with leisure spaces and digital signage applications being at the forefront of adoption. In this video interaction, Sowmya Suryamoorthy from...
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