Distance Learning Centres
Remote support for AV projects

5 points to keep in mind when opting for either on-site or remote support for AV projects

Most AV integrators have been asked at some time or the other, whether on-site support or remote support makes more sense. This is a moot point, with there being pros and cons for both on-site and remote support. While integrators typically ask the end-customer for their preference, most end-customers do not have a clear-cut preference...
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Case Study: Screen supports cancer training

You may wonder what a screen display has to do with cancer. Well, if you’re talking about the installation of a dnp Supernova screen at the Beijing Cancer Hospital, China, then, plenty. The Beijing Cancer Hospital’s new lecture hall is used for training and research, including live broadcasts of surgery. This means that clarity of...
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White Paper: Giving college the old AV try

Universities around the world have been trying to use technology to connect students, faculty and administrative staff for decades. However, it is distance learning and massive open online courses (MOOCs) that have brought this synergy into the limelight. This white paper by Infocomm explores the role that AV systems can play in education, especially for...
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All about Sony PCS-XC1

Doing “All-in-One” video conferencing, on the road

The fact video conferencing is an extremely useful communication tool – and one that is particularly convenient for business users – is an understatement today. But once organisations move beyond the “why” for videoconferencing, they reach the point of having to decide “which” kind of video conferencing platform best fits their needs. While there are...
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Designing Collaborative Spaces for Schools

Top tips for distance learning room design

Distance learning rooms represent a unique kind of challenge compared to more conventional video conferencing rooms, partly because of the size of the rooms involved and partly because of the nature of interactions in a learning environment. Getting the design right in these environments is the key to natural interactions that allow faculty to utilize...
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New Trends: Imagining the future of learning spaces, circa 2018

The AVNetwork has a vision for the future of technology-enabled learning spaces, and they’ve described it in some detail here. Read the complete article to see if you can get some useful ideas to give your classroom design and integration project a jump start. A few insightful extracts from the article… “Ideally, the collaborative classroom...
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Press Release: Actis joins Sony for PTZ Video Conferencing cameras in India

Actis Technologies has recently tied up with Sony India as distributors of their comprehensive range of PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) cameras – which are ideally suited for videoconferencing settings where exceptional imaging is essential, such as boardrooms, courtrooms, auditoriums and distance learning classrooms. Sony’s PTZ cameras are designed to energise Business Communications, Distance Learning, Remote Consulting and...
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Capture and broadcast learning room sessions in LIVE HD

Recording and distributing classroom content (including LIVE streaming) is increasingly popular for both the education and corporate training applications. The potential of some of these features is already being realised by several leading learning institutions in India — including IIT, IIM and Lintas. While we’ve talked about products that help implement this in your VC-enabled...
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Video Blog: Discover which Pro AV and integration technologies are driving corporate projects in India

The use of professional audio-visual technology is always evolving in the corporate world with adoption of new tools, especially when they help achieve greater team productivity. Applications like video conferencing, lighting management, control systems and unified communications are being leveraged extensively by India-based organisations to improve business performance. In this video interaction, Sachin Prabhudesai (who...
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