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Features of WolfVision EYE-14

Welcome to the notes-free classroom

How about integrating a camera in your classroom or businesses so that the students don’t ever have to take notes again?  This requires an image capture or camera system, which is used more by the participants of a learning session, than it is by the presenter or faculty conducting it. WolfVision has introduced a high-quality...
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WolfVision VZ-C6 Ceiling Visualizer

Presenting evolves with dry-erase surface and ceiling-mounted visualiser

Not all the content that needs to be generated in meeting rooms is digital – and a lot of important content is created dynamically as the outcome of interactions in the form of in-meeting notes and scribbles. But sharing this “written content” is not always convenient in most modern meeting rooms, which is a design...
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New Trends: Imagining the future of learning spaces, circa 2018

The AVNetwork has a vision for the future of technology-enabled learning spaces, and they’ve described it in some detail here. Read the complete article to see if you can get some useful ideas to give your classroom design and integration project a jump start. A few insightful extracts from the article… “Ideally, the collaborative classroom...
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Top 5 tips for interactive classroom design and integration

Classrooms are evolving to meet the changing expectations of students and allow the use of new kinds of multimedia and interactive content that teachers are using to transform the learning experience. The new generation of classrooms is interactive – and needs to be designed to allow for a very smooth transition to interactivity, as and...
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Capture and broadcast learning room sessions in LIVE HD

Recording and distributing classroom content (including LIVE streaming) is increasingly popular for both the education and corporate training applications. The potential of some of these features is already being realised by several leading learning institutions in India — including IIT, IIM and Lintas. While we’ve talked about products that help implement this in your VC-enabled...
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Actis Tech Rolls out Virtual Office Solutions

Live streaming and recording events in real-time at your conference room, training room or auditorium

As organisations get larger (and more distributed) it becomes virtually impossible to ensure the presence of all key members in different types of important group interactions. But a new set of videoconferencing and recording technologies make it possible for members to participate in these events from remote locations or by viewing them a later point...
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First Look: AV solutions from Actis Tech at the BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus!

Here we go! We are pleased to share one of our recent installations with you! Check out the uber cool and one of the largest auditorium South India fully equipped with latest AV solutions from Actis Tech at the BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus!  
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"This program is now available simultaneously to students in Bangalore, Chennai & potentially to students in other cities; thanks to the seamless technology brought to the fore by Actis…"

"Our experience with Actis has been remarkable and we laud them for their capabilities…"

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