Enterprise Video Conferencing

Revolutionise your video communications experience

Do you need a video communications experience that will blend seamlessly with, and enhance your business needs and goals? Do you need to leverage the power of the cloud and integrate it with your video conferencing solution? Have you always wanted to be able to communicate effortlessly through video from your smallest conference room? In...
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Whitepaper: 14 Best practices for Lync deployment

As businesses continue to expand video collaboration access through the organization, they are looking for ways to integrate Microsoft Lync into their infrastructure to provide wider access while keeping costs in check. We also believe that this is an excellent idea not just for the individual but also for small meeting and huddle rooms. But...
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Video Blog: How can video conferencing work in open layouts or outdoors?

Video conferencing design is reasonably simple to get right, when you have a controlled environment in a specialised Video Conferencing room. But in a more open environment most organisations are faced with a new set of challenges. Highly variable lighting and unpredictable audio “noise” are the primary problems in these environments, and it takes some...
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Polycom video conferencing cameras

FAQ: How does camera auto-tracking work in video conferencing?

One of the interesting innovations in video conferencing over the last few years, has been technology that lets the camera follow speakers automatically during a conversation. In this video from Polycom, you can hear about the different aspects of auto-tracking cameras and how they help make video conferencing more intuitive and natural. In this spotlight...
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Polycom HDX Series - Actis Blog

Making enterprise video conferencing more inclusive

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s difficult to meet up with collaborators personally, and video conferencing has become accepted as a powerful tool to make up for this. It allows you to  “virtually” meet with a team of people within seconds – no matter where everyone happens to be — and enables a conversation that’s nearly...
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Polycom’s RealPresence Desktop

Enterprise-grade, personal Video Conferencing comes to your PC

As a picture is always worth than a thousand words, so a crystal clear Video Conference is dramatically better than a phone call. But while enterprise video conferencing via specialised VC rooms and board rooms is a powerful solution, those without access to this infrastructure have had to make do with ‘consumer grade’ VC tools...
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Polycom’s RealPresence Group Series

Top 5 design and integration tips for video conference rooms

We’ve talked in the past about how video conferencing quality and performance can be enhanced by making some minor tweaks to the room environment. In this (more detailed) design primer, our team makes specific suggestions that you should implement in your Video Conference room at the early stages itself. Here are a few important points...
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Video: Small tweaks to room design can boost VC quality

A lot of time, attention and expense usually precedes the implementation of video conferencing equipment for an organisation — but the eventual performance can be disappointing if certain aspects of the rooms themselves are overlooked. In this video interaction, Sachin Prabhudesai (who has over 15 years of experience with AV implementation) discusses some of the...
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Managing enterprise adoption of video collaboration

Cloud Video Conferencing gets Real

While the hype around Cloud VC (and in fact cloud anything) has been around for quite a while, we’re finally beginning to see legitimate, working enterprise-grade cloud solutions only recently. Lifesize seems to be one of those leading the way, and describes its offerings in this video. Some of the key benefits described are: Instant...
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New Trends: Can enterprise video collaboration rely on the Cloud?

  As cloud-based video conferencing solutions continue to mature, this NetworkWorld.com article provides some hints about the parameters that you need to consider when evaluating cloud versus hardware-based video conferencing systems. NOTE: The article mentioned above has been contributed by Cisco Systems The key factors that the author recommends that businesses consider are: Simplicity, which...
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