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What’s the ROI on HVAC automation?

For most organisation which are in the process of considering investments in energy management and automation technology, the issue of ROI tends to be top of mind. A key reason for this is that most businesses and CXOs face challenges in quantifying the extent of energy waste that is occurring across their organisbvbation. CRN has an...
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Total light management accessible from your mobile

Light management is very popular as a tool to create beautiful and functional lighting environments, increase productivity, improve occupant comfort and also to save considerable amounts of money and energy. While powerful light control systems have been present in homes and work spaces for ages, recent innovations with control software have made this even more...
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Whitepaper: Improving productivity with light controls

Calculating the benefits of lighting and energy management solutions in a commercial context poses a challenge to many workspace designers and the business that build them. The fundamental reason for this is the fact that the technology is more or less invisible or inconspicuous and therefore barely noticed at all. Businesses have also not traditionally...
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benefits of lighting controls and design

How lighting control creates a smarter, more connected home

In this brief, lucid and engaging video, Lutron describes how their Caseta Wireless dimmers and the Lutron Smart Bridge and app are a smart, affordable and reliable, connected home solution. This simple, wireless lighting control solution allows home owners to adjust your lights, shades, and temperature from anywhere. The wireless dimmers work with wide range...
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What is the energy saving benefit of lighting control?

Tips: What is the energy saving benefit of lighting control?

The benefits of low consumption LED fixtures in aiding power consumption are well understood, especially when there are a large number of fixtures in a structure. This is leading to their widespread adoption – especially in large offices, entire buildings and across large campuses. But a lot more can be done to reduce power consumption,...
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FAQ: What can cause premature failure in LED light fixtures?

LED’s open the way to new applications and markets in various different fields with a broad spectrum of requirements. LED lighting has been revolutionary and perception of it as the leading commercially available lighting technology is transforming the lighting industry rapidly. One of its most important traits is its high reliability – whereby a lifetime...
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difference between measured light and perceived light

FAQ: What is the difference between measured light and perceived light?

In a note titled “Measured light vs. perceived light”, Lutron describes the difference as follows… “The human eye responds to low light levels by enlarging the pupil, allowing more light to enter the eye. This response results in a difference between measured and perceived light levels. A lamp that is dimmed to 10% of its...
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Manage both natural and room lighting to minimise power consumption

As we get increasingly aware of the need to reduce our power consumption, the use of LED lighting and lighting control systems has become a very popular means to do this. However, the use of LED lighting indoors during daylight hours means that unnecessary and wasteful consumption continues to exist. This is especially true in...
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difference between measured light and perceived light

FAQ: Why is colour temperature important in room lighting?

Colour temperature (or correlated colour temperature, CCT) is a number indicating the degree of yellowness or blueness of a white light source. Measured in kelvins (K), CCT represents the temperature an incandescent object (like a filament) must reach to mimic the colour of the lamp. Yellowish-white (warm) sources, like incandescent lamps, have lower colour temperatures...
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FAQ: Why is the life span of an LED measured as lumen depreciation?

One of the most attractive features of LED lights is the fact that their lifespan is much longer than of incandescent, fluorescent or HID lamp sources and that they are much less prone to failure. This leads to amazing energy savings over the long life of their use. However, even high quality LED lights will...
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