Home Theatre System

Experience a plush, realistic 3D experience at your home

Most of us would like to re-create the cinema experience at home – and enjoy all the benefits of an up-sized and immersive experience without the need to book tickets in advance, make our way through traffic and  brave the crowds at the concession stands. The great news is that this is now more realistically...
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All about Epson TW5200

Get in the game from the comfort of your living room

If you are a gamer, who enjoys playing games on a monitor or a large TV, then you should probably know that the experience is nothing compared to what its like on a really big screen (above 100″). Why not upgrade to a projector that not only provides an earth-shaking (that’s the dinosaur…) gaming experience...
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Extron SMD 202 H.264

Discover the benefits of a streaming media player

Today, the ability to stream live and recorded content from AV-enabled rooms is becoming a feature that businesses find extremely useful. It provides a very simple way to share important information in collaborators who are unable to participate for some reason, and also to help maintain records of critical meeting for referral later. Extron has...
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Video Blog: How Digital Entertainment can be applied in a business environment

Digital entertainment has been around for a while, but its application has been largely limited to residential and hospitality applications. However, in more recent times we are seeing its applications in corporate environments too – with leisure spaces and digital signage applications being at the forefront of adoption. In this video interaction, Sowmya Suryamoorthy from...
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All about Epson EH-TW6600 projector

Movies and games truly come alive in majestic, 1080p home projections

If you’re looking for more than a run-of-the mill home cinema, then the size, resolution and image quality of your display is the best way to set it apart. A high definition (Full HD/1080p) home projector, which easily displays images at larger-than-life sizes, makes even the best and largest LCD and LED displays look pretty...
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Transform home interiors

Source: DNA “Products and accessories that make a real impact…”
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Home Renovations

Source: Deccan Herald (Home & Interior)… “Redoing your home involves almost as much time, energy and, in some cases, more money than you spent on its construction…”
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Smartphone enabled Home Automation Solutions

Smartphone enabled Home Automation Solutions

Source: DNA Property… “Actis Technologies has launched home automation solutions in mobile surface technology segment…”
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