intelligent building solutions

How intelligent building solutions help reduce operational costs

Today’s commercial buildings contain a great deal of technology and the trend is that this is becoming more and more integrated. So, organisations must now be able to intelligently manage AV, voice and data, lighting, security, HVAC and anything else that has a network connection. In order to do this all these different systems must...
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Wireless controller with ultimate performance

These days, most electronic gadgets are touch centric. Touch screens are preferred over keypads, because they need very little or no pressure to operate, whereas keypads/buttons need minimum pressure to operate. Be it a home or a business, wireless touch screens are reliable and secure. Crestron has introduced the TST-902 wireless touch screen, which is...
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What’s the ROI on HVAC automation?

For most organisation which are in the process of considering investments in energy management and automation technology, the issue of ROI tends to be top of mind. A key reason for this is that most businesses and CXOs face challenges in quantifying the extent of energy waste that is occurring across their organisbvbation. CRN has an...
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Voice command, 2-way touch screen in one versatile controller

With the universal popularity of touch screens on mobile phones and other gadgets, the AV world has to be creative in enabling smartphones and touch screens as touch-sensitive control options. However, in some cases, the controller needs to be available on a screen that can be mounted on the wall, in a lectern or in...
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Crestron occupancy sensor

Occupancy sensors turn off lights, even when you forget to

Automation of lighting, HVAC, and shades in response to changing conditions in an office or a home is essential for creating a complete energy management solution. While it provides amazing levels of convenience and comfort, it is also offers a solution to avoid employee friction caused when energy policies are implemented strictly. In the past...
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Tips for Auditorium Design & Integration

Top 5 tips for auditorium design and integration

Auditoriums represent one of the most complex types of room environments for designing and integrating – because of the sheer scale of scenarios they need to be used in. The primary concern in an auditorium (which could seat from 25 to over 1,000 people), is to ensure that each and every seat allows members of...
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