The Evolution of AV in Higher Education

There is a radical transformation taking place in the AV space in Higher education. Increasingly, AV in classrooms is moving from analog to digital and from conventional to newer teaching paradigms. However, all of this is still very much a work in progress with different rates of adoption in different universities, depending on the budget...
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The State of Audio Visual (AV) Integration in 2015

Audiovisual (AV) Integration in 2015 is very different from what it was in 2005, 2008 or even 2010.   There are certain ongoing trends that have completely transformed the AV Integration industry. For example, everything is moving to IP video over CAT5 and AV integrators are increasingly refitting businesses that they designed and integrated AV for...
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Standards for verifying AV Cable Performance

The modern workspace is depending on increasingly complex networks for AV data to flow efficiently and seamlessly. Ensuring that this virtual “central nervous system” is functioning in a healthy manner is therefore extremely important. Unfortunately most businesses and even many AV professional fail to give the AV cabling and distribution systems the attention and maintenance...
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LED versus LCD for displaying indoor signage and video walls

With LCD technology with an LED backlight dominating indoor signage applications, such as video walls, it has been increasingly difficult for other technologies, such as high-resolution LED to gain a foothold in this market. However, this may be changing, and changing fast… While LED has traditionally played catch-up with LCD displays, the former are now...
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White Paper: Why collaboration between the CIO and the AV Integrator is important

Are you the CIO of a company who needs to install the right, integrated AV solution for your business? Are you an AV integrator who is not able to have a conversation with the CIO of the company where you are installing an AV solution? If so, you both need to move to common ground...
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How can we create an “exceptional AV experience”?

In this video, Infocomm initiates a conversation into defining the different elements of AV technology that can create exceptional AV experiences. It’s when everything works, together. How do we engage participants and get them to be amazed when we present our ideas exceptionally? According to Infocomm’s findings these exceptional experiences occur when “pace, content and...
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How ergonomics affects AV system design

Today, each of us spends considerable amounts of time in meeting rooms and work-spaces that are enabled by AV technology and allow us to present our ideas or communicate with people for work. But despite the best AV technology available to us, poor ergonomic design can undermine our goals and leave participants feeling strained and...
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How can businesses work and communicate effectively?

In the modern business environment, it is clear that the businesses that thrive are the ones that collaborate and communicate more effectively. Audiovisual technologies play an increasingly important role in enabling this, especially as real-time video collaboration grows more popular. In this interesting info-graphic, Infocomm (the world’s leading body of AV professionals), talks about the...
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How to make your Digital Signage stand out?

The investments in digital signages are growing fast, which means that businesses need to compete for attention with others looking for viewers’ time and attention. But this also means that standing out from the clutter of visual communication requires more than just interesting creatives – it needs to achieve several other objectives at the same...
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New Conference Room - Blog

3 global trends for 21st century Conference Rooms

The reality of the business environment today, is that many companies and organisations have meeting rooms, conference rooms, boardrooms which are globally connected. While these are tremendously powerful tools to have, there are some problems that can potentially occur in these circumstances due to poor or just outdated design. These problems often undermine the quality...
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