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Why automixers are necessary in multi microphone environments

Why automixers are necessary in multi microphone environments?

In this Audio 101 series of videos, Biamp provides an extremely insightful and comprehensive explanation of the issues that are faced when we have complex AV environments that feature several microphones. Noise and feedback and common problems in these scenarios and automixers are the key to solving them. The presenter also explains in detail how...
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Tips: The Best Way to do Wireless AV

We’re clearly living in the golden age of wireless technologies – a time when we are expecting almost any device and function to be wire-free. One obvious advantage of wireless functionality is that it simplifies the process of connectivity and extends the connectivity range for greater flexibility. Another, perhaps even more important benefit to most...
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First Look: Creating multi-functional meeting and collaboration spaces

A leading technology client recently approached us to revamp their meeting and collaboration infrastructure, which includes 13 meeting rooms with varying seating capacities (from 5 to 15 seat rooms). These early images from the project (which is currently underway), showcase several massive display products like 75” and 60” LED displays and EPSON EB-955W projectors (with...
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The_WolfVision VZ_9plus

New visualiser makes presenting documents and objects more intuitive

While most of us are increasingly using digital forms of content for our presentations – there are some situations in which using physical documents and objects continues to be necessary. This is especially true in design, healthcare, education and manufacturing applications where printouts, transparencies and slides may need to be displayed. But for many presenters,...
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Tips: 5 Presentation Predictions for 2015 from Slideshare

How we present our ideas is constantly evolving, as our audiences and the technologies available to use continue to evolve. This set of predictions from Slideshare provides some very interesting insights into how presentations are set to evolve and provides directions on how we can adapt and improve. Some key observations: 1. Solutions like Prezi...
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AirMedia Presentation Gateway

Move to wire-free presentations with an AirMedia Presentation Gateway

As powerful wireless devices (laptops, tablets or phones) and cloud storage become powerful and ubiquitous, it is changing the ways in which we can choose to deliver presentations in the boardroom or meeting room. AirMedia™ is a technology that allows anyone to use the local Wi-Fi® network and start wirelessly sharing content from a portable device...
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How to create a dedicated floor of collaboration and meeting rooms

First Look: Upgrade teamwork: Create a dedicated floor of collaboration and meeting rooms

When a multinational agri-science major wanted to improve the tools available for video collaboration between their teams, they asked us to design a dedicated collaboration level in their new corporate office building. The Actis team has created different types of boardrooms, meeting rooms, video conference and training rooms for their team and also set up...
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