Office Automation

Voice command, 2-way touch screen in one versatile controller

With the universal popularity of touch screens on mobile phones and other gadgets, the AV world has to be creative in enabling smartphones and touch screens as touch-sensitive control options. However, in some cases, the controller needs to be available on a screen that can be mounted on the wall, in a lectern or in...
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Crestron Home Automation

A glimpse at what control and automation can do @home

A while ago, in a video conversation with Sachin Prabhudesai, we touched upon about how regular homes can now enjoy control and automation solutions too — because more affordable options for this are available. With this video peek into its London demo room, Crestron provides an interesting glimpse into connected homes and the kinds of...
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Integrate into an AV control system

Ethernet-based control devices simplify AV integration

Today, most quality control systems are compatible with a wide range of controllers – touchpanels, software on tablets, remotes, wall switches and so on. While the touch controls get most of the attention because they are wireless and have an attractive, there is a lot of practical utility to using wall mounted controllers in networked...
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About Crestron Fusion RV system

Remote asset management software simplifies AV infrastructure management and helpdesk services

This set of videos from Crestron provides a quick overview of several features of their powerful Fusion RV remote asset management software. This is the AV and technology management component of Crestron’s Fusion software, which enables organizations to monitor and manage AV equipment, BMS, room scheduling, lighting, shades, climate, and energy consumption from a single...
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All about Pyng iPad app

Home automation gets simpler with Pyng iPad app

High quality control solutions have taken a hardware first approach for a long time — but the arrival of smartphones and tablets is quickly changing this. Crestron has a new solution called Pyng that allows control of a wide variety of home automation features. The app (which is available for the iPad) allows access to...
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First Look: AV Solution from Actis for one of the World’s Largest Banking Institutions

Here’s a peek behind the scenes at a Conference Room we’re designing for one of the World’s largest banking institutions. A key feature of this 20-seater, U-Shaped Conference room is the MASSIVE 95-inch Samsung LED monitor, which is one of the largest of its kind. Key features of this Conference room include: a full-HD Videoconference...
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Tips: Now access your advanced AV and environment control system with an App on your smartphone or tablet?

One of the past limitations in the implementation of control systems in work and living environments has been the relatively high cost of proprietary touch screen controllers, which provide the most intuitive and attractive interface to use devices conveniently. All of this has changed with the advent of touch-enabled smartphones and tablets which are more...
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Actis Tech Rolls out Virtual Office Solutions

Actis Tech Rolls out Virtual Office Solutions

Actis Technologies, pioneers in designing and building communication and collaboration technologies, has unveiled Virtual Office Solutions for corporate India. A virtual office is a combination of off-site live communication and address services… Press Release_Actis Tech Rolls out Virtual Office Solutions
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Small businesses can appear bigger with virtual offices

  Source: dqindia.com…   “Till now we have only read about virtual offices. But with the advent of 2013, the concept of virtual offices is becoming real…”  
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Actis Tech Powers Virtual Office Solutions

Actis Tech Powers Virtual Office Solutions for Corporate India

  Source: Itvoir.com…   “Actis Technologies, has unveiled Virtual Office Solutions for Corporate India. A virtual office is a combination of off-site live communication and address services…”  
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