The State of Audio Visual (AV) Integration in 2015

Audiovisual (AV) Integration in 2015 is very different from what it was in 2005, 2008 or even 2010.   There are certain ongoing trends that have completely transformed the AV Integration industry. For example, everything is moving to IP video over CAT5 and AV integrators are increasingly refitting businesses that they designed and integrated AV for...
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A portable and powerful projector for both home and office

Making a pitch is critical for small business owners who need to grow their business through new opportunities and communicate ideas within growing teams. Being able to present ideas to larger groups via a laptop is both convenient and effective, but the costs of doing so can seem daunting in the context of a small business....
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Actis ties up with Delta for projectors

There’s a new partnership in town and lest you wonder, it is between Actis Technologies and Delta. Delta is a leading and globally respected Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of projectors. It is the OEM for some of the leading projector brands and Delta’s products will now be available from Actis under the Vivitek brand. Delta...
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Oh S#%T! The projector’s not displaying my presentation!

At some point or the other, most of us have had a heart-stopping moment when you plug in to present from your laptop and nothing shows up on screen. And when it’s a big show with a client or at a conference it creates tension at what is already a daunting moment. While the Principle...
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Enjoy lifelike content with the new LaserPanel optical flat screen

If you want to watch high-resolution movies in your living room, or be able to present lifelike content in your meeting rooms at work, you now have an alternative to the ubiquitous LED flat screens. Welcome to the dnp LaserPanel 100” Optical Flat Screen! These optical flat screens are a very real alternative to LED flat...
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Case engineered to keep screen safe till installation of projector

While executing an Audio Visual setup, sometimes we have to hide the technology until it is needed. Ceiling-attached projection screen cases are especially problematic because of their length and their height. On many occasions, there is simply not enough room to recess the case due to a variety of obstructions. Draper has introduced the Access...
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High-quality content in small meeting spaces

Do you want an extremely high-quality image projected to a screen in your living room? Do you need to view a brighter-than-usual image projected onto a screen in your smallest boardroom or meeting room? Well, don’t fret…Read on… dnp has introduced the dnp Supernova STS screen, which gives you a powerful and ultra-compact installation that...
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Experience a plush, realistic 3D experience at your home

Most of us would like to re-create the cinema experience at home – and enjoy all the benefits of an up-sized and immersive experience without the need to book tickets in advance, make our way through traffic and  brave the crowds at the concession stands. The great news is that this is now more realistically...
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All about Epson TW5200

Get in the game from the comfort of your living room

If you are a gamer, who enjoys playing games on a monitor or a large TV, then you should probably know that the experience is nothing compared to what its like on a really big screen (above 100″). Why not upgrade to a projector that not only provides an earth-shaking (that’s the dinosaur…) gaming experience...
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Da-lite Idea screen

Update – Benefits of touch-interactive projection screens

This video has some more detail about the Da-lite Idea screen which is designed for touch performance in interactive applications, which is a product we have spoken about before. The video demonstrates the key features of this screen and discusses some of the recent upgrades. For more about screen technology, visit www.da-lite.com
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