Designing Collaborative Spaces for Schools

Top tips for distance learning room design

Distance learning rooms represent a unique kind of challenge compared to more conventional video conferencing rooms, partly because of the size of the rooms involved and partly because of the nature of interactions in a learning environment. Getting the design right in these environments is the key to natural interactions that allow faculty to utilize...
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All about Epson EH-TW6600 projector

Movies and games truly come alive in majestic, 1080p home projections

If you’re looking for more than a run-of-the mill home cinema, then the size, resolution and image quality of your display is the best way to set it apart. A high definition (Full HD/1080p) home projector, which easily displays images at larger-than-life sizes, makes even the best and largest LCD and LED displays look pretty...
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A short-throw projector mount

A short-throw projector mount that can make your projector interactive

Interactive short-throw projectors are a very interesting display solution for all types of meeting rooms, and especially for classrooms. While we have talked about these products in the past, mounting these in your room requires a special type of wall-mounted projector mount. Once such product is the WM220AUSI interactive projector wall mount from Chief, which...
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Epson’s high-brightness projectors

High brightness projectors can light up your large venue projections

Selecting the right projector is something that most people with a meeting or home cinema room will need to do from time to time. The decision itself is important, because the quality of the display determines the clarity with which content can be shared and viewed. The decision is made reasonably simple for the average...
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Is Laser the next step for Projection Technology?

Projector performance has always been closely associated with brightness, which has long been the most important parameter in judging the clarity of projected images. In fact, it seems like the biggest jumps in projector performance (both brightness and lamp life) have come with an introduction of new light sources – from halogen to metal halide...
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screen for smaller meeting rooms

New Trends: What does 4K resolution mean for your screens?

The buzz about 4k is already getting pretty loud, with consumer electronics manufacturers pitching it as the next upgrade you HAVE to get as the prices hit mainstream TVs. But a closer looks suggests that 4K isn’t going to be perceptibly better for all screens (than FullHD) – and its impact on clarity and reducing...
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Projecting effectively in high ambient brightness conditions

Despite the increasing brightness levels of business projectors in general, image clarity can be challenging in spaces with a lot of ambient light. This is especially so in makeshift/external venues like terraces or lawns being used for special events and even in alternative meeting spaces within the office like atriums and cafeterias. Commonly tried solutions...
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Transform almost any surface into a finger-touch interactive display with an interactive 3-LCD projector

Interactivity is much sought after in presenting and learning environments, because it allows a fair degree of flexibility and allows presenters to adopt their own presentation style. But as useful as products like interactive whiteboards have been, they’ve added complexity to the presenters’ environment – becoming one more product to purchase, install and operate in...
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