PTZ Video Conferencing Camera

Capturing high picture quality with ease

Video Cameras have changed the face of video recording forever. With brilliant picture quality ranging from Standard Definition (SD) images to Full High Definition (HD) images, and their collaborative ease of operation, such cameras are becoming increasingly popular. Sony‘s new PTZ camera, the BRCH900 produces abundant sensitivity (F10) and provides a horizontal resolution that is...
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Ensuring that the video system you have installed is ready for use

Today, much of the audiovisual (AV) setup is visual, with a video system being an important, almost ubiquitous part of the AV mix. However, when you install an AV solution, including a video system for your client, it is imperative that you let them know when the system is ready for use after installation. If...
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Capture LIVE! events with complete confidence

Today, we are seeing the increasing desire amongst businesses to utilize video in innovative ways for communicating with their clients and consumers. But this is also an extremely powerful tool for “internal” communication initiatives — and can bring about considerable improvement in many applications like training, conference sessions, seminars, and medical chat. Sony’s new PTZ...
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Actis Joins Sony

NEWS: Actis Joins Sony For Distribution In India

Sony’s PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) cameras are ideally suited for video-conferencing settings where exceptional imaging is essential, such as boardrooms, courtrooms, auditoriums and distance learning classrooms. Actis has been appointed a national distributor for Sony’s entire range of PTZ cameras. Actis specialises in designing and building infrastructure for better management of collaboration, client engagement, training, entertainment and...
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Polycom video conferencing cameras

FAQ: How does camera auto-tracking work in video conferencing?

One of the interesting innovations in video conferencing over the last few years, has been technology that lets the camera follow speakers automatically during a conversation. In this video from Polycom, you can hear about the different aspects of auto-tracking cameras and how they help make video conferencing more intuitive and natural. In this spotlight...
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Press Release: Actis joins Sony for PTZ Video Conferencing cameras in India

Actis Technologies has recently tied up with Sony India as distributors of their comprehensive range of PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) cameras – which are ideally suited for videoconferencing settings where exceptional imaging is essential, such as boardrooms, courtrooms, auditoriums and distance learning classrooms. Sony’s PTZ cameras are designed to energise Business Communications, Distance Learning, Remote Consulting and...
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