Skype for Business

Lifesize now interoperable with Skype for Business

Actis’s video conferencing partner Lifesize is known for its ability to fit with established workflows and systems in the collaboration space. Most business users want to remain with their current app and UI they are familiar with. Very few businesses are willing to drastically change their way of working just to accommodate a new tool....
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Complete collaboration and control in your hands

Boring meetings and uninteresting conferences are a thing of the past. Today, meeting rooms and collaborative spaces play an important role in how groups communicate. How can you bring in more participants? How can you share the contents in real time? Today’s age requires solutions that are wireless, and are easy to collaborate with, communicate...
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Enjoy an enterprise-class videoconferencing experience

Software codecs are gaining popularity as a videoconferencing solution for businesses. There are products available with unique AV interfacing and processing features that allow you to integrate professional-grade sources into your Lync, Skype, WebEx, or other software codec for an enterprise-class videoconferencing experience. One such product is Extron’s MediaPort200. This product is an HDMI to...
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Corporate collaboration as the new frontier

Not too long ago, corporate collaboration was all about only display. What this meant is that participants in a meeting space could throw up documents and images from their laptops onto a main display for everyone to see and annotate. Workforces located in different geographies and the prevalence of Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) meant...
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How to design a Skype/Lync Solution for your Video Conference Room

Are you a manager who has always wanted to collaborate in real time with your customers in remote locations? Or have you always thought it would be a good idea to communicate with your colleagues living and working in different cities or even, countries, all at the same time? If so, you are not alone…...
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Polycom’s RealPresence Desktop

Enterprise-grade, personal Video Conferencing comes to your PC

As a picture is always worth than a thousand words, so a crystal clear Video Conference is dramatically better than a phone call. But while enterprise video conferencing via specialised VC rooms and board rooms is a powerful solution, those without access to this infrastructure have had to make do with ‘consumer grade’ VC tools...
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Business-grade video-collaboration comes to small rooms

While enterprise-grade video conferencing is well accepted in larger meeting spaces like board rooms, conference rooms and learning centres, their wider implementation across organisation is often constrained by cost considerations. Some organisations with a larger number of rooms or with smaller meeting (or huddle) rooms may find the cost per room/user unpalatable. Similarly smaller businesses...
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First Look: Boardroom and VC rooms with multi-person Skype-support

Have a peek at some photos from an ongoing project for one of our financial services client. We’re working on 1 High-End Boardroom with Video Conferencing and 4 Meeting rooms which are equipped for extensive collaboration with overseas counterparts and for training programs. Lighting and AV management in these rooms is made possible via an...
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Product Release: Can popular VoIP videoconferencing services like Skype work with your high-end boardroom AV setup?

As the quality and reliability of internet-based conferencing services (like Skype) continue to improve, it is interesting to consider them as a platform for video collaboration in your organisation. One key limitation however, is that the software is tied to the laptop and therefore loses out on clarity when multiple people at different distances from...
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