Sound Reinforcement

Professional Quality Microphones for Multi-Applications

Whether you need to pick up the low frequencies of sound or negate them to focus on the voice or main audio, good quality microphones are the primary interfaces for your audio source. Vocal, Instruments, karaoke or concert, different types of microphones are required to suit various needs. Stage performances and Stereo recordings need highest...
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How to get microphone placement right

How to get your microphone placement right

On several occasions in the past, we’ve talked about the problems caused by poor audio design and more specifically the placement of microphones in meeting rooms. That’s because its one of the most common mistakes we see made in meeting room designs, and also probably one of the most common sources for dissatisfaction amongst users...
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Troubleshooting common audio clarity problems

FAQ: Troubleshooting common audio clarity problems

Audio quality related problems often occur in newly integrated rooms, due to poor audio design or problems in identifying the source of the problems when the room is commissioned. In this article we identify some of the most common problems that our clients face, and recommend ways to address them. PROBLEM 1: Audio hum or...
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Why automixers are necessary in multi microphone environments

Why automixers are necessary in multi microphone environments?

In this Audio 101 series of videos, Biamp provides an extremely insightful and comprehensive explanation of the issues that are faced when we have complex AV environments that feature several microphones. Noise and feedback and common problems in these scenarios and automixers are the key to solving them. The presenter also explains in detail how...
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wired conference system

Digital wired conferencing systems enable perfect audio clarity

We’ve talked in the past about the importance of audio design in boardrooms, and how good sound design and audio reinforcement can help overcome natural audibility constraints in conference rooms. Obviously, the key elements to ensuring audio clarity – in local or remote conferences – are the microphones and audio conferencing systems. A good solution...
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How does mix-minus address audio echo

FAQ: How does mix-minus address audio echo and feedback problems?

What is mix-minus? This is a term used in the audio industry to describe a particular setup of a mixing console or matrix mixer, which eliminates the input from an audio device (such as a microphone or speaker) from the output to that device. That is, the output to the audio device contains everything except...
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extron electronics

FAQs: A glossary of common professional audio terms

Like any type of technology the professional audio industry has its own vocabulary, one that can become a little confusing if you are not used to it. This Audio glossary from Extron is a great place to figure out the meaning of various terms used when referring to professional audio design and solutions. Here are...
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right use and placement of wireless microphones

Understanding the right use and placement of wireless microphones

In many senses, wireless microphones are a very simple and common techniques that are widely adopted because of the convenience that they provide. The considerably simple life for event managers and performers/presenters by eliminating troublesome wires on stage or in a conference room and providing greater freedom for movement. But not all wireless microphones are...
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Whitepaper: Negative impacts of workplace sound are highly underestimated

Whitepaper: Negative impacts of workplace sound are highly underestimated

The buildings that house our offices and homes have been transformed over the last couple of decades, with massive innovations in the architectural designs and the construction methods that are employed. Even the interiors of our workspaces have been transformed considerably – but sound and acoustics have remained secondary concerns for the most part. In...
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DSP - Actis Blog

Tips: A Few Basics about Digital Signal Processors (DSPs)

Today digital signals are part and parcel of all data networks, and this includes audio-visual networks, which are quickly going digital. A basic understanding of how digital signal processors (DSPs) work is critical, because they play an important role in simplifying AV networking and also in achieving greater audio-video clarity. Put simply, as AV moves...
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