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Case Study: Room Control at Abertay University, Dundee, Scotland

Abertay University, located in Dundee, Scotland gained the formal university title in 1994 and is well known for its programmes in environmental sciences, law, and psychology. However, this IT-intensive university needed to replace its aging AV system across the campus with a state-of-the-art, fully monitored integrated AV solution. The latter would enhance ease-of-use for lecturers....
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Display big pictures in small spaces

Display big pictures in small spaces

When space is at a premium in meeting and classroom environments, projector placement is a challenge. In such cases, a short-throw projector can provide considerable flexibility, whether it’s being placed on a tabletop or is ceiling mounted. Vivitek has introduced the Vivitek D560ST, a short-throw digital projector that is very effective even with as little...
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Empowering and engaging students and teachers through collaboration

Now, teachers can concentrate on the lesson, without worrying about whether students are engaging with them. Students can take advantage of an interactive learning experience and can collaborate with their teachers in real time. The tool that can make all of this happen, is the VIA Campus by Kramer. This tool maximises the learning experience...
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White Paper: Giving college the old AV try

Universities around the world have been trying to use technology to connect students, faculty and administrative staff for decades. However, it is distance learning and massive open online courses (MOOCs) that have brought this synergy into the limelight. This white paper by Infocomm explores the role that AV systems can play in education, especially for...
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Actis wins Crestron Integration award for Best Education Project in India

Actis has won the Crestron Integration award for Best Education project in India. Actis received this award in a ceremony held in Bangalore on Friday, July 31, 2015. The occasion was CresCONNECT 2015, hosted each year by Crestron Asia Ltd, who are leaders in the integration space. The audience and nominees had gathered to celebrate...
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Classroom infrastructure design standards: Part IV

In this article, which is the fourth in a series of articles by Infocomm about classroom design standards in higher education, Infocomm talks about classroom equipment preferences. The first article talks about industry standards. The second article talks about campus infrastructure standards. The third article talks about classroom design standards. This material is loosely based...
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Classroom infrastructure design standards: Part III

Infocomm has published a special series of articles on classroom design standards in higher education. The first article talks about industry standards. The second article talks about campus infrastructure standards. This is the third article in the series, and it talks about classroom design standards. So, what are classroom design standards? These are the parts...
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Classroom infrastructure design standards: Part II

In a special series of articles, Infocomm addresses the issue of classroom standards and provides a comprehensive set of guidelines for universities and other learning institutions to follow, so that they can avoid common mistakes. The articles cover the issue of design from 4 distinct aspects – industry standards, campus infrastructure standards, classroom design standards,...
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Classroom infrastructure design standards: Part 1

Creating an infrastructure that enhances the learning process is a pretty complex thing, and a lot of investment, effort, and technology have gone into creating teaching aids that help faculty in creating a rich learning experience. But many schools, universities, and institutions in India still fail to adopt a set of design standards in the...
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Connecting seamlessly for smoother meetings

Do you want all of your meeting room systems to connect seamlessly with each other? Do you want to integrate with Crestron’s all-in-one presentation systems without any system programming? Now it’s easy…simply install and use the Crestron Media Presentation Button Panel B10 (MP-B10) with the .AV framework. This framework now supports the MP-B10. The MP-B10...
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