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Create a powerful, flexible Telepresence system

How about turning your Flat panel display into a sleek and powerful video conferencing system? You can do this the quick and easy way. Cisco has introduced the Cisco TelePresence SX20 which is designed to deliver high-definition video and multiparty conferencing with the flexibility to accommodate various room sizes and configurations. It combines a powerful...
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How to boost software adoption for improved collaboration within your organisation

It is very important that organisations adopt software that increases and improves collaboration within their businesses. However, persuading organisations to adopt new software can prove to be a challenge, especially when users are already accustomed to their daily workflow. While businesses are always on the lookout for new ways to improve collaboration among their employees,...
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Get a complete, circular view of everyone during a video call

Now you don’t need to worry about where you’re sitting in the room while a video conference is going on. You can sit in a circular fashion and talk, something that comes naturally to all of us. You can use this circular setting to foster understanding, as it allows you to look into the eyes...
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White Paper: Top 5 Ways Video Conferencing Will Transform Your Business

White Paper: Top 5 Ways Video Conferencing Will Transform Your Business

Video conferencing has changed the way the world communicates. It has become an imperative for many businesses in multiple domains, including governmental agencies, healthcare organisations, and educational institutions. Over the past 30 years, video conferencing has evolved tremendously and has completely changed the way that the world communicates. Not only is video conferencing used in...
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White Paper: Eight challenges solved by cloud video conferencing

Your company is growing and multiple offices are being opened across cities, states, and countries. What’s more, your employees are demanding flextime, telecommuting, and online meetings. And your IT team is already overburdened. In such a scenario, you don’t just need regular video conferencing, you need cloud video conferencing! Cloud video conferencing can solve many...
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Control group collaboration with confidence

Enabling group collaboration is a feature that most employees ask for and it is not restricted to the meeting room. Today, people expect to connect from wherever they are — the home PC, the office desktop, and the mobile device. At the same time, they want to share documents which they can do via video...
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When should your enterprise make the shift to Networked AV?

For most enterprise leaders – CEOs, CIOs CXOs – the fact that technology can transform business workflows or improve their organisation’s competitiveness is not really news. They’ve all seen what technology can change in the last two decades (almost everything). Therefore, what they really spend time mulling over is which technology to bet on, at...
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Shorten workflows for meeting video content management

In most organizations, there is an understanding that content is a valuable asset, but the tools available for the content management of meetings are pretty poor. We’ve talked in the past about the importance of meeting capture systems, which are probably the simplest way to ensure access to video content that is important to your...
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Time to move your VC to the Cloud? — Part 2

In an earlier article (read Part 1 of this series), posted on this blog a few weeks ago, we’ve talked about the benefits that Cloud VC is bringing to organisations, and the challenges that this creates for CXOs and CIOs who are planning their infrastructure for video collaboration. The decision on which way to go –...
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All about Video Collaboration

Video collaboration is here to stay but how we use it continues to evolve. It is moving from room to desk, and from desk to your mobile device, helping solve problems quickly, increase the efficiency of decision making, and much, much more. However, business leaders involved in the adoption of these solutions should keep some...
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