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Managing enterprise adoption of video collaboration

New Trends: Managing enterprise adoption of video collaboration

Video collaboration is a powerful tool for enterprises — one that boosts productivity, saves costs and provides opportunities to transform work processes with improvements in efficiency. But for CXOs and CIOs, its also important to manage enterprise adoption to ensure a return on the investments made in setting up video collaboration infrastructure. This 12-page survey...
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Tips: Maximising the use of Video Conferencing in Education

The early adoption of video conferencing in the education sector (and for learning/training applications) has been centered on its potential to enable distance learning. But there are several other benefits (beyond distance learning) that video conferencing infrastructure can bring to classrooms — which include lecture capture/recording and live streaming. In this Cisco video case study,...
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New Trends: Can enterprise video collaboration rely on the Cloud?

  As cloud-based video conferencing solutions continue to mature, this NetworkWorld.com article provides some hints about the parameters that you need to consider when evaluating cloud versus hardware-based video conferencing systems. NOTE: The article mentioned above has been contributed by Cisco Systems The key factors that the author recommends that businesses consider are: Simplicity, which...
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REPORT: The real impact of video collaboration (it’s not just reducing travel costs)

Measuring the real impacts of technology in the earlier part of its adoption curve can be challenging because usage evolves over a period of time as users begin to explore its applications in their own context. The report from Polycom and Wainhouse on global usage trends in video collaboration reveals that saving of travel costs...
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How to create a dedicated floor of collaboration and meeting rooms

First Look: Upgrade teamwork: Create a dedicated floor of collaboration and meeting rooms

When a multinational agri-science major wanted to improve the tools available for video collaboration between their teams, they asked us to design a dedicated collaboration level in their new corporate office building. The Actis team has created different types of boardrooms, meeting rooms, video conference and training rooms for their team and also set up...
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