Video Wall Processor

Managing sources and projecting the big picture on your videowall

One of the most important aspects of using a video wall to showcase and utilise content effectively are the video processing features that make it possible to use a few or all the “cubes” to display a larger image from any source. This allows content producers to create a big image combining multiple tools in...
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FAQ: How to set up a perfectly aligned, wall-mounted video wall

Setting up a video wall properly requires considerable experience and precision. Getting it wrong can lead to misaligned panels or visible gaps in the image, which lead to a considerable drop in impact compared to a well-fitted and seamless set of displays. In this video, Chief’s team shows how a video wall can be wall...
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FAQ: How can one install recessed video walls?

This excellent and detailed resource provides details about the challenges (and solutions) for installing recessed video walls. Its a comprehensive guide that addresses most of the questions that you might come up with very clearly and vividly (see image below).   For assistance with you video wall installation and design, contact Actis at 022-30808000 or...
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gaps in your video wall vanish

Make the seams or gaps in your video wall vanish

While the use of thin bezel displays is becoming popular for video walls, the visible gap between neighbouring LCD panels can still be a problem when the viewing distances are small. DNP recently introduced InvisiBezel to tackle this by “optically” reducing the gap to 1mm – which creates a virtually seamless viewing experience. This is...
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