Video Walls

Beauty drives business, economically

Presenting business messages in a way that attracts, and holds the interest and attention of clients, is the goal of any business or retailer. The goal is always to leave a lasting impression about your brand or product in an affordable and ideal way. Samsung has recently introduced the new DBD Series displays, to help businesses...
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Cost effective displays for high-impact video walls

Anyone building a video wall would love to have a solution that simultaneously meets the demanding requirements of 24×7 critical applications, delivers the best visual performance in high ambient light environments and is also cost-effective. Planar recently introduced the Planar RA-Series of narrow bezel LCD displays, optimized for demanding 24×7 applications in high ambient light...
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FAQ: How can one install recessed video walls?

This excellent and detailed resource provides details about the challenges (and solutions) for installing recessed video walls. Its a comprehensive guide that addresses most of the questions that you might come up with very clearly and vividly (see image below).   For assistance with you video wall installation and design, contact Actis at 022-30808000 or...
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Planar DirectLight LED Video Wall System

Don’t let your lights wash out your image

Video walls have always been the solution deployed when projectors are impractical – usually when environmental conditions are very bright or when high-reliability or extended use applications are involved. Even as projectors continue to get brighter and lamp life continues to improve, a new generation of LED video walls is redefining the benchmarks for quick...
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Planar Transparent OLED Technology

Transparent OLED displays are finally getting real

Ever since the Minority Report brought the possibility of transparent displays to our consciousness, it’s been on the wishlist of any technology enthusiast and retail environment designer on the planet (evidently even Iron Man loves them). Planar Systems, a world leader in display and digital signage technology, recently launched the Planar LookThru Series, transparent displays...
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how multi-touch interactivity works on a video wall

See how multi-touch interactivity works on a video wall

Interactivity is becoming the next frontier for displays of all kinds and sizes, so why not on video walls? In this video, Planar provides an exciting glimpse at how multi-touch technology (don’t we love it on our smarphones) becomes bigger, better and truly amazing on a larger video wall scale. With the ability to map...
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gaps in your video wall vanish

Make the seams or gaps in your video wall vanish

While the use of thin bezel displays is becoming popular for video walls, the visible gap between neighbouring LCD panels can still be a problem when the viewing distances are small. DNP recently introduced InvisiBezel to tackle this by “optically” reducing the gap to 1mm – which creates a virtually seamless viewing experience. This is...
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First Look: Upgrading a video-wall for a seamless video display

Actis was recently approached by a large financial services client to upgrade an older 12×6 tile video-wall at their facility, to achieve a more vibrant and seamless display. To achieve the considerable improvement in image quality required, our team recommended the latest generation of 55” LED SMART Signage Displays from Samsung. These displays accept digital...
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Mounting systems can make or break your video wall

Video walls are an amazing display solution in a variety of settings, but especially when you really want to grab your audience’s attention. There is simply no product that matches them for situations where the lighting conditions hamper clarity and colour reproduction and where the display needs to be on for several hours a day....
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Crestron Home Automation

First Look: Creating collaboration infrastructure to accelerate enterprise decisions

One of the fastest-growing banks in the country recently contacted us to equip their new corporate offices with the appropriate collaboration infrastructure. The objective was to provide their team with almost real-time access to information and connectivity with key decision-makers. Here are images of a couple of the rooms from the project which required almost...
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