Effective presentation, collaboration, and knowledge sharing in your hands

Imagine having a presentation system that turns your classroom or conference room into a knowledge sharing repository of content and information, where you can easily and conveniently share topics or materials, in real time, with multiple users. Wolfvision has introduced the Cynap presentation system that enables users to share content, information and materials in any...
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Features of WolfVision EYE-14

Welcome to the notes-free classroom

How about integrating a camera in your classroom or businesses so that the students don’t ever have to take notes again?  This requires an image capture or camera system, which is used more by the participants of a learning session, than it is by the presenter or faculty conducting it. WolfVision has introduced a high-quality...
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Trends – How do ceiling visualizer systems help?

Presenting with digital content is now reasonably straightforward, and the tools to do this are featured in most conference and meeting rooms. However, in some special applications, it is important to present content from hard-copy document, maps or schematics – and a document camera or a visualizer becomes a necessity. But increasingly, users are asking...
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WolfVision VZ-C6 Ceiling Visualizer

Presenting evolves with dry-erase surface and ceiling-mounted visualiser

Not all the content that needs to be generated in meeting rooms is digital – and a lot of important content is created dynamically as the outcome of interactions in the form of in-meeting notes and scribbles. But sharing this “written content” is not always convenient in most modern meeting rooms, which is a design...
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The_WolfVision VZ_9plus

New visualiser makes presenting documents and objects more intuitive

While most of us are increasingly using digital forms of content for our presentations – there are some situations in which using physical documents and objects continues to be necessary. This is especially true in design, healthcare, education and manufacturing applications where printouts, transparencies and slides may need to be displayed. But for many presenters,...
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